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My darling Chikoo.

This is something I wrote about my pet dog Chikoo.....he is the apple of my eyes....the light in our lives....and he has filled our lives with his unconditional love..

He trotted up, into our life
and filled it with immense joy,
his bow-wows now feel like music,
that's Chikoo, our little boy!

The moment I cast my eyes on him
it was love at first sight,
the look of wonder in those chocolate eyes...
Oh! I can never forget that night!

Golden fur...soft as satin,
big, brown eyes full of love...
floppy ears and the wagging tail,
make me admire his Maker above!

One look at me and he knows
what goes on in my mind...
he licks away my tears,
he is gentle and so kind.

Diamonds are a girl's best friends, they say,
'coz they have never had a pet...
A day with a dog and they will
       forget the gems
that, on my life, I can bet!

My mother, my best friend.

Its Mothers' Day today
and there's something I need to tell you,
but no words would be enough
except, Mother, I love you!

You know my every single tear
and the magic to wipe it away.
You drive away my fear
with your boundless love
    that comes my way.

You added colours to my dreams,
distant hopes have now come into being.
You helped me taste success,
you are the wind beneath my wings.

I cannot imagine living
a single day away from you.
Life would be so lonely
in this world, without you...

Mother, there is one wish
that I ask of you...
please don't ever leave me
coz' I cannot live without you.

For, the times can be dark
and so full of fear
but I will have the strength to face them
only if you are near.

I want to thank you, dear God
for truly blessing me,
with a mother so dear
who changed my destiny!

The old woman

She totters along on the quiet street
gazing at the melting sun,
how quick time passes by
pausing for none!

She looks around for passers by,
but finds she is all by herself,
her eyes now scan the horizon
as if looking for some help.

Help in finding answers
for mysteries of the past,
or taking it all in her stride
as her time now ends fast?

Her bones, they now creak
and her skin is all wrinkled,
but, there was a time
when her eyes-they twinkled!

She fought her life's battles
and is now worn out and weary.
Her nights are now lonely
and the days are dreary.

She seeks help in finding
when will come the day
when her tired body
and soul will fade away.