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Water woes.

Its afternoon and we are all enjoying our siesta when a booming announcement wakes us up with a start. The dreaded ' man with the megaphone' zooming around in an auto rickshaw broadcasts the most dreaded of all news......" THERE WILL BE NO WATER SUPPLY FOR TWO DAYS DUE TO SOME REPAIR WORK. KINDLY USE WATER SPARINGLY!! ". My heart stops beating for a while. I can feel irritation seeping into every pore of my body. Why? I ask to no one in particular and start making a list of vessels that can be used to store water for two days....two whole days and one more, I am sure, as deadlines aren't met when they are supposed to be met here.
    We are those lucky people in a city who are blessed with 24 hours running water, thanks to the water tanks our builder has so lovingly provided us with. We are the pampered lot and THAT is the reason why such announcements disturb us so much. Now, I know, some of you will roll your eyes and nod your heads  in exasperation. There a…


Some years ago an incident took place, which I haven't been able to forget, till date. I was out one evening, walking my pet dog, when a woman residing in  my building met me for the first time, and the following conversation, or should I say interrogation, ensued..
   SHE : Is it your dog?
   I      : Yes.
    SHE : Why do you have a dog?
   I  : Because I like dogs.
  SHE : Don't you have any children?
   I : No.
  SHE : Why ?
   I kept silent.
   SHE : Do you have a dog because you don't have children?
 I was agitated and had no intentions to answer her questions so, I just mumbled something and walked away. Now, this woman didn't even know my name, but, she wanted to know the reason why I didn't have children! Being a stranger, she should have had the courtesy to simply ask me my name. And she being a stranger, I did not want to disclose any personal matters to her. But, what is it about a woman without a child, that arouses curiosity in people? Does the abse…

My weighty issues.

A few weeks ago I met an old friend after nearly two decades. The first thing she said on meeting me was, " You look just the same even after twenty years!!" For those who don't know me, well, I weigh the same that I used to twenty years ago.
  Now, there is a section of the population who would love to swap places- or weights- with me. But, I started counting my blessings and thanking my lucky stars only recently. I have been through the entire gamut of negative emotions ranging from jealousy to hatred to an inferiority complex to depression and to any other there might be there. I was told not to worry, that I would surely put on weight and look 'better' once I got married. The magic of marital bliss would bring a glow to my 'sunken' face. But, even after several years of my marriage I was just the same. My doting husband ,who was imagined by some to thrash me if an extra morsel entered my mouth, would buy all the hunger inducing tonics and ' mag…