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2013- A good year.

In a matter of some time 2013 will come to an end. A new year will begin and bring with it hopes and desires for a better life. But the year that was...2013....did manage to put a smile on my face in ways that I had never expected.
    To begin with, I made a few very good friends....actually, I met a few people with whom I vibed so well that they have now become a very important part of my life.  What is it about some people we meet that makes us feel that we have known them since years? What is it that strikes a chord and bonds us with them but not with others?  I met many people......old school mates....but bonded with just a few. And I feel blessed.  There was a time when I was without this treasure called 'friends'. But today, I have a handful few whom I can depend on and trust blindly. And thats quite an achievement!
    I also realised that I can string together words that come to my mind and present a decent piece worth reading. All thanks to a friend who I met in 2…

A letter to my daughter.

My dear Princess,
May you always be healthy, happy and keep spreading cheer everywhere you go!
     Did you like your birthday gift? I know you will love the one in the bigger always wanted it! But I hope you like this one too. I have been meaning to write a letter to you, just pour out my heart to you, since quite some time. And, what better day than your 16th birthday!  Its a  milestone in a girl's life...and I wanted to make it special. Now, stop rolling your eyes and read on, young lady!
     You know, Anu, I always wanted a daughter; even when I was a little girl myself. So, when I came to know that I was going to have a baby, I made a demand to God to bless me with a baby girl, a healthy, happy baby girl.  I even thought of a name for you and not a boy! Every one would tease me about what I would do if I had a boy, but I was very sure I would have you. So, when you were born and the doctor announced, " Its a girl!&…

My other life partner.

Recently I discovered a very shocking fact of my life. Actually it was brought to my notice by a senior friend during one of our girlie talks. The late bloomer that I am, I wasn't aware about it for all these years. But, it IS a fact and I would like to share it with my friends.....esp. my girl friends ,as we are all sailing in the same boat. I have two life-partners! I know, you all must be wondering what the hell I am talking about, but yes, I have two life partners. The first one is the guy I married, Mr. Husband. And the second one is ......a Mr. Mood Swings!! Yes, its Mr. Mood Swings! Its taken me quite some time to come to terms with this horrid piece of news, but thats what my friend told me- Mr. Mood Swings is here to stay-whether I like it or not- till 'death do us part'!
    They say that you are a lucky woman if you have a partner who brings out the best in you. Yes, Mr. Husband does bring out the best in me. But, Mr. Mood Swings- well, he brings out the enti…

A mockery of trust.

Recently I read a very disturbing piece of news- actually it is an everyday occurrence - but, this article was rather upsetting. It was about a young woman who had been raped by her father for nearly 12 years! her father. Such cases have been reported countless times  over the years. But, fathers?!! Of all the men?!! It all sounds ghastly and so unbelievable!        A father is the first man in a girl's life whom she can trust blindly. He is her parent on whom she depends for her upbringing; who provides her with everything she needs. He is the one who protects her from the negative elements in her life. He is her hero who teaches her to bravely face the harsh realities of  her life. And a father is also the man on whom a girls bases her idea of her future life partner.  And for a father, his daughter is a princess on whom he dotes and showers his unconditional, unending love.  For whom a daughter always remains his 'little girl' no matter how much she ages…

A ray of sunshine

It was a grey, August evening. I was awaiting the arrival of my husband who had gone to Shirdi for a couple of days. I was finishing my chores when he called, "I will be reaching home in about 45 minutes. You see, I had been to Pune on my way back. Now, I am at Lonavla. And...I have bought a puppy." before I could ask "What?", he had disconnected the call.
       "A puppy? Did he just say he bought a puppy?" My mind was instantly brimming with all sorts of questions laced with anger and irritation. What would we do with a puppy? Who would take care of it after we left for work? And when had we made such plans? We did not need  a pet, for heaven's sake! And what a mess it would make of my house!!
       The phone rang again. My husband had reached our   building's compound and was requesting me to help him carry his bags so that he could carry the puppy upstairs. I did not realise I had been fuming and fretting for so long. I was furious …