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Hopes and dreams for a better society.

It being a Sunday, I woke up a bit later than usual and was greeted by loud speakers blaring patriotic songs from old hindi movies. At first I wondered what it was all about, but then, it struck was 26th January, our Republic Day! A national holiday which happened to coincide with a Sunday, because of which I could not remember...very sorry, my dear motherland!
   We all know the historic significance of this day in the life of our country so I won't go into the details.....the ignoramuses could very well Google it! But ,what I would like to express, is concern about what is happening around us- literally. Right at this moment, loud speakers from every neighbouring society  seem to be competing with each other about "who is the loudest of 'em all"! I can hear patriotic songs from the Golden Era ( they don't make such songs anymore) being belted out everywhere. I wonder if anyone is really interested in hearing the lyrics or simply showing off their supp…

A Perfect Adam.

Hello, dear God!

    May I come in for a while? Uh, sorry for disturbing you, God.  A thousand apologies for vitiating the peace of your sanctum. But, I have a proposition for you. So, could you please spare a few minutes of your precious time for this lowly mortal and give her a patient hearing?
    You see, I have been thinking- well, you made me a 'thinker', so, thats what I do best! So, I have been thinking about your creations. You created the world, the beautiful nature all around  to appreciate and admire and then you created Adam. Then, to give Adam company you created Eve and then you went off on a vacation! God, were you in such a hurry to go on your vacation? I think you were....Adam is living proof of it! No complaints about Eve, though. Eve is perfect. But,, you could have done a better job there, God.
     Actually, I feel, had a Goddess taken up the job of creating Adam, she certainly would have done better as she …