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A Perfect Adam.

    Hello, dear God!
    May I come in for a while? Uh, sorry for disturbing you, God.  A thousand apologies for vitiating the peace of your sanctum. But, I have a proposition for you. So, could you please spare a few minutes of your precious time for this lowly mortal and give her a patient hearing?
    You see, I have been thinking- well, you made me a 'thinker', so, thats what I do best! So, I have been thinking about your creations. You created the world, the beautiful nature all around  to appreciate and admire and then you created Adam. Then, to give Adam company you created Eve and then you went off on a vacation! God, were you in such a hurry to go on your vacation? I think you were....Adam is living proof of it! No complaints about Eve, though. Eve is perfect. But,, you could have done a better job there, God.
     Actually, I feel, had a Goddess taken up the job of creating Adam, she certainly would have done better as she had such a perfect example in front of her- YOU! Human nature, as you know, is such that we are never satisfied with what we get. We always want more, want things perfect...want a perfect life. Now, we know that life can never be perfect. Thats okay. But, at least the life partner ought to be perfect. Life would be such a pleasant journey!
     God, its not today's Eve who yearns for a perfect Adam. Do you know Draupadi? Of course you know her. You are Mr. Know All, after all! So, Draupadi once invoked Lord Shiva and asked for a husband who was honest, strong, skilled, handsome and knowledgeable. But, Shiva said that she would have all five men that she wanted because no single man, except God, could have all these qualities! And the rest is history! See? That is why I said that had a goddess created Adam, she would have created a perfect, 'sarva guna  sampanna'  Adam. And Mahabharat would never have happened!
     And do you know God, Eve wants a perfect Adam because she herself is perfection personified! i mean, look at how you made her! She is beautiful- the beauty salon bills sing in her praise! She is skilled and knowledgeable; she knows how the human mind works and is therefore deft at handling varied personalities and their inflated egos. She is strong- stepping out of her comfort zone and stepping into a completely alien territory after marriage as well as facing those aliens and bonding with them needs strength. Can Adam do such a thing with even 50% ease? Never. And she is honest- honest in accepting that her Adam is born with a set of imperfections and a lot of scope for improvement Well, that does need integrity, doesn't it?
     So, there you are. Adam DOES need to be worked upon. But, is  it too late? Could you stop the production, redo the mould and then restart the production? Or something simpler, like wave your magic wand,"Abracadabra", and lo! we get a new and improved Adam who is strong, knowledgeable, skilled ( in every manner imaginable),honest ( in accepting his mistakes without any ego hassles) ,handsome as well as sensitive (to our feelings) and yes, a very good listener! A brand new Adam in a brand new package! Wow!! It would be a dream come true for the entire womanhood on this planet!
    Umm.....okay, I can see you are losing patience. I will leave you in peace, God. But, do think over my proposition and see what you can do about it. Eve will be ever so grateful to you if you fulfil her wish.
     So, God, dear dear God, kindly consider and do the needful. Thats all- for now. I take your leave with a lot of hope in my heart and dreams in my eyes. Looking forward to some miracles!
     Have a good day!


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