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Hopes and dreams for a better society.

It being a Sunday, I woke up a bit later than usual and was greeted by loud speakers blaring patriotic songs from old hindi movies. At first I wondered what it was all about, but then, it struck was 26th January, our Republic Day! A national holiday which happened to coincide with a Sunday, because of which I could not remember...very sorry, my dear motherland!
   We all know the historic significance of this day in the life of our country so I won't go into the details.....the ignoramuses could very well Google it! But ,what I would like to express, is concern about what is happening around us- literally. Right at this moment, loud speakers from every neighbouring society  seem to be competing with each other about "who is the loudest of 'em all"! I can hear patriotic songs from the Golden Era ( they don't make such songs anymore) being belted out everywhere. I wonder if anyone is really interested in hearing the lyrics or simply showing off their supposed love for the country
    Then, after some more time of this blaring competition, flags will be hoisted in every society. The National Anthem and some  more patriotic songs will be sung ( thank God) and not played.  And then, the all knowing, most experienced senior citizens - mostly men- will make speeches. The Mantriji who has been waiting for this golden opportunity will rush forth with a burst of energy at the mere sight of the microphone. And thus will begin the never ending speech making competition. The speeches will be made on topics ranging from corruption to attrocities on women to the spiralling cost of living to what not. The women folk will sit wondering when all of this will come to an end and when they will be able to get back to their territories to prepare the elaborate lunches they have planned. The children, bored out of their wits, will be frolicking around in the society garden without any botheration from their parents who are busy listening to Mantri ji. And the rest of the Mantrijis will be desperately awaiting their turns at holding the gleaming weapon of authority ( the mic...duh!!)
    Very soon all of this will be over and done with...phew...silence at last! And then in the evening, games and dinner will be arranged for all. The games..okay, games will do. But, there will also be dance and singing competition for the kids. And the songs and dances will be anything but patriotic, what with all the cheap lyrics churned out on a daily basis. Watching their wards will be the proud parents, wondering 'who' their child will be, when he/she grows up, Hrithik Roshan or Katrina Kaif. This will be followed by dinner. And the dinner will be followed by a huge heap of used styrofoam plates and glasses outside the society compound, by the side of the road,  causing an eye sore plus intolerable stench the next day.  And after all the khana-peena, people will go back to their homes and that will be the end of an  eventful  day. And history will be  repeated on the 15th of August all over again.
    In the present times, I do not expect every household to encourage their children to enrol in the Indian Armed Forces. Thats not going to happen and that we need to accept. But, what I would like every household to do is to encourage their children to become responsible citizens of our society.  And by 'society' , I don't mean the private housing societies we live in, but the SOCIETY that we all live in.  I would also really appreciate it if those mic-wielding, 'responsible' seniors of our society do become really responsible. May be, they could first start by arranging dust bins for all those plates and glasses and see that they don't get strewn around everywhere. May be, they could also try and ban the loud speakers and reduce the noise pollution. Keep their speeches short and their service to the society worth while. Nobody is interested in the speeches....people want results....actions that speak louder than words. May be, they could strive to keep their neighbourhood safe and in order. May be, they could also reprimand the youth of their society who indulge in eve-teasing right under their noses.
May be, all this would encourage all of us to become responsible and do our bit for the peace and harmony of our society.
     Umm....the list of 'may bes' could grow longer still. But, may be, we could all try and implement the few 'may bes' that are in our control and work together in every little way to make our society a peaceful and safe haven for us...and for the future generation.


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