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Maine pyaar ( kyun ) kiya?!!!

    No, no, no, I am not wondering why the hell I fell in love!!! Though, at times, I do wonder..hehehe!! But, right now, that is not the topic of this blog. Nor is the film with the above which I have not seen and never will!  This blog is about the cult film, that took us by surprise and sowed seeds of love and romance in our fertile minds at the age of 20......MAINE PYAAR KIYA!! You all will surely wonder what is wrong with me, or that this movie is really very old to be written about. True.  I had totally forgotten the film, till today. As I was having lunch, I was surfing channels, when I ran into this film. I asked MIL ( Mother-in-law ) if she would like to see it, which she said she will, and so I let it stay. And, there began the test  of my patience and willpower to watch/tolerate the film we all so loved all those years ago.
    I started squirming in my seat as Bhagyashree made an entry. Ughh!! Try as I might, I could not avoid  her  even with my eyes closed!! Her sugary sweet voice pushed my sugar levels sky high and the spicy daal that I was having seemed to have turned sweet too! I really needed some thing to spice up my food. And Alok Nath and the rest of the senior citizens.....the less said the better.As it is the poor Mr.Alok Nath is already the butt of many a jokes on the net.   I kept going to the kitchen for some or other an excuse to avoid what was going on on the tube.
   No sooner had MIL left the table, I switched channels! Ahh!! What a relief! MIL also said she was bored ...yayyy!!!! I was so happy....good riddance ! I was not interested in watching Salman Khan acting really weird and so self conscious and making a fool of himself. Sorry SK fans, but I am no fan of the bad boy of Bollywood.  So, again, I ask the question I did in my last blog...WHY? Why is it that I couldn't tolerate the film I must have seen back then at least 10 times, and many of you all...even a hundred times?! We all , yes we all ; even the stone hearted were converted into die hard romantics by this one; went weak in the knees seeing the girl and the guy on screen, romancing, singing songs,dancing  and doing etc etc! Then why do we find it all utterly ridiculous now? Well, I do! And I am sure, many of you will, too. 
     I think age is not the reason, as much as wisdom is. We have seen the world, experienced life and become wiser about love and romance. I might not be able to tolerate any of today's  hindi love stories ..(.but, will surely love to watch an English love story any day, hehehehe...because of its better story line and  sheer classic production, you idiots!! )  But, love story of this  kind doesn't seem to strike a chord with me.   Of course, there are some which will remain my all time favourites, but, more of it, baba! A more mature love story for sure, but, definitely  not the ones which have kids in their teens willing to die for love.....please...there is more to life than that!
   Now, do I seem like the stone hearted one I mentioned above? I may, but  please, I don't need any love story to change my mind set...I would rather be  stone hearted  than watch Bhagyashree knitting sweaters for a whatever-he-was Salman, singing dil deewana....!  This dil ain't gonna be a deewana, ever again, folks!  :-)


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