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My treasure.

   My friends......these are my favourite people, so a blog on these fav people had to be written! Some may feel that the topics that I choose for my blogs do not seem serious, but, hey....this is MY blog and I can write whatever I want in my blog! This is the only place where I can say whatever I want to say, without being diplomatic. And that is such a relief!
   So, then, we all know what value our friends hold in our life. For me, my friends are my most valuable treasure which, I pray to God, stays with me till the end of time! Do I sound very sentimental? I actually am, as far as these following people are concerned.  Some of them have been with me since my childhood and some of them, I met pretty recently, last year to be precise, and they all are now an important part of my life!
   Now, let me start with my childhood friend, my soul mate. We both have grown up  together. In fact, without her I wonder how I would have survived my adolescence. She knows me as well as the back of her palm and catches me red handed whenever I hide some thing from her! Sweetie, what would I do without you? The way I can speak to you, without editing anything, is really mind-blowing! Just one request, grow old along with me, the way you have all these years!
   Then, there is this other soul mate who I have known since many years now.  She is my 3.00 am friend. I just have to think about her, and I receive her call! What telepathy! Whenever I am down in the dumps, I simply have to call her and go waaahhh into the phone. I can cry for hours together and I only feel her warm and comforting hug from the other end! I can talk about anything with her....absolutely anything under the sun, without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. Bubbly, you are an important part of my life.....and will always be so.
    There are two other girls who are my very dear of them is an 'entertainment channel' from whom I can assure myself endless laughter.  Her incessant chatter drives away my blues and I feel renewed instantly! The other one is Giggly.....who was a very dear friend in school, but who drifted away along with time. Now, thankfully, she is back where she my heart! Thanks girls, for the laughter....for being there for me when I have needed you!
   Now, there is this BIG BROTHER of a friend whom I met pretty recently. He is the one who has been instrumental in me making my blogs public and that too when my writing as well as my self esteem had a lot of scope for improvement! His words, " Go ahead, Shilpa, I am with you", golden words that gave me the strength to share my thoughts with the public. His motto in life, "You are the best and f*** the rest", will always stay with me...encouraging me to be myself, and well, do my best! :-)
The other person who has an equally important role to play in my writing is my TOOFANI!! She is the one who goaded me to bring the writer in me to the fore and just go ahead with it! Thank you, both of you dearies, for helping me come out of the closet! :-)
     In life, there are times when we need a sounding board....some one to drill sense into our heads and this is where people like this particular one come into the scene. His straightforward attitude of  voicing his opinions truthfully have had quite an effect on my way of thinking. Buddy, I know you do not like the words SORRY and THANK YOU, but, sorry for being an idiot and thank you for your patience. Your counselling sessions are sure having an effect, but you have a long way to go, considering all the dust settles 'up there' from all these years! There is also this gentleman of a friend who has a special place in my heart. We were very close friends long back, but then, time and life somehow took us our separate ways...a fact I deeply regretted back then. But, thankfully, now he is back into my life and I am so grateful!
    At the end, I feel blessed to have you all in my are truly a treasure, much more precious that the real stones!  I always look forward to our conversations which leave me feeling invigorated! I hope and pray that you always stay where you my heart...till the end of time! Thank you for the glitter and sparkle that you have added to my life! I really love you all from the bottom of my heart! God bless you all,my dearies!

I have not named my friends here, but, I am sure that they all will be able to recognise themselves instantly!


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