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True love....

        A yawn is  a contagious action.....which has a similar we all know.  An amusing scene I have seen on TV consists of a group of lions, relaxing under the shade of a tree. A lion yawns and triggers off a chain reaction...the next lion yawns and the next and the next!  We all must have noticed it on a daily basis and found it amusing too.  Every night, before going to bed, I call up my mum to chat about the day. And during our conversation, if either of us yawns, it sets off a yawn on the other end of the phone!  I mean, it is contagious over the phone, too!  Now now, I know, you must be wondering where I am going with all this yawning business, especially since the title of my blog is True Love. Well, just be patient, and stop yawning!
       I read an interesting article in today's newspaper about checking out whether your partner really loves you. It said that all you have to do is look at your partner and yawn. If your partner does not yawn back, chances are that your relationship might be in trouble!  It said that, the researchers found that yawns are contagious when in the company of close family members. And, should one family member yawn, others will too! So, intrigued by this 'discovery', I yawned in front of my Chikoo. And he instantly yawned! Wow! So, he truly loved me, apart from my mum who always yawns when I do. Okay, so, now I knew that these two people ( yes, Chikoo may be a dog, but for me, he is a person) loved me very much! As if I didn't know that already!
      The study also said that the closer the relationship, the smaller the time difference between the yawns of the 'yawner' and the 'yawnee'. Therefore, this time difference says a lot about the strength of a relationship. If the study's results are accurate, then you could make out how much someone was 'into' you by gauging the yawn delay. It says that if you are the kind who really needs to know whether your partner is really into you, then you ought to keep a track.....yawn and see the yawn delay. If its a short delay, then your partner is very much 'into' you, meaning, he/she truly loves you. If the delay is longer or the yawn completely absent, then,...well, then, it is reason to worry! Funny? Try it out.  Right  now. Look at your partner and yawn and then wait....and watch.
     I intend to find out in the evening when my partner is home. I really need to know if I am his true love! What? Ridiculous? Oh, whatever!   I am going to look at him and yawn and hope for the best! And also hope his reaction isn't one of concern and anxiety. I mean, if he doesn't yawn at the first try, then I intend to keep trying and then that is sure going to get him all worked up. Just imagine, you come home and your partner keeps looking at you and yawning without leaving you in peace for a moment.....won't that drive you up the wall?! But, try, I must.
    Oh, the last paragraph of the article also mentioned that  this experiment might raise some very interesting questions, but, it might also reveal more about you than about your partner.  Are YOU really a good partner if you feel the need to test your relationship in this way? Hmm, right...whatever! I have made up my mind. I AM going  on a yawning spree till  I get the desired effect. May the God of the Yawns be with me! Amen! 


  1. Had a yawning time reading your post!! Just kidding, I wonder who funds these kinds of research! Good luck trying it out with hubby dearest.

    1. Thnx Pri.......But, haven't tried it yet.....scared about what will b the reaction!!!! :-)


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