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What has age got to do with it? Or, does it?

       Age is just a number, is what people say.  And it is always better to be young at heart even as you also what they preach.  Right. I do believe in it.  A senior marathi actor  once said that if you stay young at heart, you keep yourself open to new are always open to new challenges, acquiring new skills and also trying out something new which you might never dream of. I totally agree with all these fundas, but, I have observed something about myself as I have aged.  And that is, the inability to tolerate things that I used to enjoy earlier, when I was younger. And all this, inspite of staying young at heart!
      Some days back, people celebrated the festival of colours, Holi. There was a time when I loved this festival. I would look forward to celebrating it with all my friends.  I would even select the dress that I would wear!!  And right from morning till afternoon, when mum screamed her lungs out, I, along with my friends, would roam  the streets of my area, smearing each other with those vibrant colours and  drench each other with coloured water. We never really bothered about the quality of the colour used or roaming about all wet and dirty. The fun of the festival eclipsed all these trivial issues. But, now, I can not dream of stepping out of my house on this day.  Getting drenched and coloured is unthinkable! It makes me feel yuck! And I would only  wonder what the colours are made of and which water is being splashed. I will not be able to roam about all dirty and wet, smeared with all those colours.  Leave alone smeared, I will not be able to bear even a pinch of colour applied on my face just to respect the custom of this festival!
      There are some more things I find hard to tolerate.  Motor bikes and high speed. When I was in college, I would zoom around on my dad's Kinetic Honda and be teased by friends that I was a rash driver. I would also love to ride pillion on my hubby's bike and urge him to raise the speed! It felt as if I had grown a pair of wings and I was soaring high in the sky! What fun it was back then! But,, I simply abhor those  mean machines, because that is exactly what they are! They are mean and they take lives!  I also recoil from vehicles that zoom by at great speed.  I shudder to ride with anybody who drives at a high speed.  It sends shivers down my spine and fills my heart with trepidation. The moment the speed rises, I start pleading with the driver to slow down. And if my pleas fall on deaf ears, I pray for divine intervention!
     I am also scared of getting onto  the joy rides at amusement parks, especially, the giant wheels and the scary versions of the sweet and humble merry-go-rounds, which I actually loved when I was younger.  I would much rather watch others from the side lines!  I dislike getting drenched in the rains, which till some years back, I enjoyed to the hilt!  Now, I cannot imagine stepping out in the rain just to get drenched, or even walking in the waterlogged streets with god-knows-what-muck floating in there!
      I really wonder what has brought about this change in me. Is it age? Or is it wisdom that comes with age?  I absolutely know not!  But, age has sure changed me, for the better... or is it worse? Is it only me? Or have you all too undergone such changes along the years? Umm, I think, that even though I have aged, I still am young at heart, but my ideas of fun have changed.  I will definitely not go back to doing all those wild and whacky things just to remind myself of my youth, but, I might surely try out some new wild and whacky stuff that would be age-appropriate and which would fit in with my new idea of fun.  I still have to figure out what those wild things will be. I am going to make a list of things I plan to indulge in, although after a lot of contemplation.  Till then, why don't you all think about the wild and whacky stories of your youth, as well as come up with your own list of to-do wild-n-whacky stuff for the present? Change is good. As is staying young at heart! So, as our senior said, lets all stay young at heart and bring about some new changes into our lives and make them more spirited and livelier!!


  1. Peace Shilpa Halwe: With age comes d wisdom. In fact I too had experienced d change in me in terms of high tolerance & compromising on fun moments. I had my first bike in my college days; A Hero Honda Sleek (Red) & I then used to race it very fast n furious. I remember I had even clocked just 20 minutes from Vashi to my place at Panvel flat where there were not even a single flyover then n now I am scared to even ride @ 40 speed. Worst is when my son Surya repeatedly ask me weather I did had a license then to drive leave along riding a bike.

  2. Wow...Shilpa...I appreciate the subjects u choose...well my experiences with age...the number as u say...
    Holi....I did not like then...I don't like it now too
    Rides....I enjoyed them then...I enjoy them now too
    Regarding two wheelers....I too loved the indeed gave us the feelings of wings....but now when my son goes out....I keep worrying till he reaches his destination on his Vego....he insisted...he wanted a bike...but I m scared....for him. Yes regarding these machines...I still would love to ride a hardley myself....but now I know...I have to be careful....

    Adventure...I don't think....that has changed...I loved the thrill then...I t gives me a high now too...Infact both my kids like adventure n chrill...mohit has done sky diving n my little Kavya....does all sorts of sling shots, rappling, valley crossing...

    Yes with age...lot of things do change...there is a stability....a feeling of content...

    But I still love being pampered with surprises n still like eating chocolates, ice creams...

    There's a child in everyone....theres fun in doing naughty things....the forbidden's just that we know the risk now.

    Yes it's just a number....age

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