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The BIG, bad wolf.

This is the story of Ria...a little girl, who studies in the 3rd standard. Life is full of fun and games for her. And some studies, too.  Her favourite pass time is playing with her little brother and showering him with all her love. School is fun, too, except the homework and esp. the Math homework. It is the dreaded word...MATH!!

        "Mamma, why do I have to learn Math if I am going to be an English teacher when I grow up...just like you?", asks Ria to her mother often. Mother smiles her indulgent smile. "You have to learn Math so that you grow up to be a big girl someday!" her usual answer. "Hmmph!", sighs the little girl as she gets down to doing what she hates the most.

      "Ria, why don't we take the help of somebody who is SUPER in Math....he will help you study well. And it's just a matter of some time. As soon as your exams are over, you can forget all about your studies! What do you think, my baby?", asked m…

A fight for life.

Sensational News : Top Bollywood Diva was born a hermaphrodite !

 ... screamed the tabloids ! Just a couple of days back they had praised her to the skies. Usha had won the Best Actress Award for her scintillating performance of a deaf mute, young girl who fights the rapists who had left  her to die, in the path breaking film, Nirbhaya. Her entry in Bollywood had not been an easy one. But, she had struggled with all her might and displayed raw talent that had blown away the film makers during her auditions. And, today, when she had catapulted to the top of the game in a matter of some years, the media was pulling her down, digging up her past and flinging muck on her for something that was never her mistake!

      Her room was strewn with the newspapers that had carried her story in detail. And apart from the ticking clock,  there could be heard the whimpering of this brave, beautiful girl who, till yesterday,was the darling of the masses.  Today, she lay crumpled on her bed, he…

Mysterious worries.

Today, right since morning, I have been having this vague feeling... an unknown fear, or rather, a fear of the unknown future...or what , I know not.  An anxiety that has been troubling me every now and times it just vanishes and at times it rears its mean head and scares me no end. I am unable to make anything out of it. For all you know, it may  just be my imagination or even my crazy hormones. I so hope it is the latter..and nothing serious!

The loneliness, the emptiness that I sometimes feel, is scary. It leaves me feeling jittery.But, what do I do?

And all the time that I am hounded by this vague fear, I pray for the unwavering support of 'my people' pillars of strength. These are those few people in my life who have given me unconditional love and support  when I have needed it the most.

We will be together always, won't we? We all will be there for each other, won't we?

Am I the only one to feel it, or does everyone  go through such phases? I thi…

Kuchh na kaho.....!!

"Kuchh na kaho.....kuchh bhi na kaho..."....Manish was humming the song for the nth time that day and getting on everybody's nerves. He just didn't seem to be affected by the flurry of activity around him. People were rushing to wind up for the day...looking forward to the long weekend ahead after a hectic week. Hectic and traumatic week.  Harsh, their colleague who had been battling work-related depression had committed suicide. The atmosphere at office had been pretty sombre. Everybody had been looking forward to this weekend for the much needed break.
    "Manish, for God's sake, will you just shush! I can't seem to find my balance sheet working file which I HAVE to submit to the  BOSS  before I leave, lest he come after my blood! And you, good for nothing bum, why can't you just help me instead of sitting there and humming that stupid song?" I screamed at him for the second time.
    "Kuchh na kaho....!", went Manish again...…

Un-break my heart!!

My dear friend,

                 How are you? I hope you are in the pink of your health and happiness.  I so hope that life, without me, hasn't stopped for you and that  you are enjoying  all the peace you yearned for.  I agree, you must have had reasons for what you did to me, therefore I only hope for the best for you and your family.
              As far as I am concerned, well, I am trying to live my life without you, your love, your attention. And all my time is spent wondering where I went wrong. What is it about me that made you take such a decision?  What mistakes did I make that replaced the love you had for me with hatred so strong that you abandoned me ?  From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry for whatever it is that I did that caused you so much pain and discomfort. I was only doing what comes naturally to me...I was being loving and caring to the best of my ability...the way God made me!
             I still remember how you had come to the breeder's  place wh…