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An appeal to our benefactor.

Salutations, Your Highness!

            I hope my letter finds you in the best of your brightness! I am sure it ARE at your brightest these days! Dear God, it has been a while since I wrote to you. A few months ago I did send you a request letter praying for an increase in your intensity during the winter to keep us warm. Remember? Yes, that was me, back then. And here I am, all over again, with a new prayer. Yes, we humans are such...never satisfied with anything in life.
          Actually, if I could, I surely would have come over personally with my problems. But, I would never be able to withstand the sheer magnitude of your personality, my Lord! I would stand to turn 10 shades ( or more ) darker, which is unthinkable! It is the age of the fair and the lovely and 'dark' is not considered a beauty here. Anyway, without further ado ( or anymore of that shallow talk ), let me get down to business. Oops! Forgive the attitude, Lord! What I meant was, let me get down to the matter that needs your kind and immediate attention.
         God, I know that change is the rule of this world. Just like everything else around us, seasons must also change. The cool and pleasant winters will always be followed by the blazing hot summers. But, God, dear dear God, do you have any idea how hot it is these days? Actually, that would be an understatement. It's an oven out there! Do you know what an oven is? It's a machine that turns dough into cake! So, you can imagine what we must be going through. We mere mortals are getting baked! Baked and roasted!!
       The scorching heat seems to be sucking the life out of us! The parched earth has lost it's life -giving power. And we, her dependents, are being left high and dry! At the risk of sounding shallow again.....some of us humans have it in our capacity to live in the comforts of our air-conditioned homes and drink refrigerated water, but, what about those who can't afford such luxury? And, what about the other living creatures surviving out there? They are all at your mercy, and here you are...flaming mercilessly...stifling the poor souls with your intense warmth! Did I come down a bit too harshly? See, that is all the result of the searing  heat that is emanating from you, God.  Yes, one of the 'heat-reactions'. I really can't help it...even if I want to, I can't be all sweet and polite after all that you have been doing lately. A thousand apologies for the irreverence, but try as I might, I am unable to keep my cool!
        But, stay cool..I must. And, I will. God, please try to understand our plight. Life on earth is tough and you have been making it tougher. A wee bit of consideration on your part will surely make things a lot simpler. We would like it if you make life a walk in the park...not a drift in the desert. And I don't think it is difficult for are the most powerful entity in heaven! Just a little reduction in your intensity during these few months is all we are asking for.
     Anyway, I guess I better bring my letter to a conclusion here. God, it is our humble request to you to bring down the heat a few- if not more- degrees below melting point. Kindly have mercy and reclaim your position of a life giver as opposed to the life taker that you have been all these days. We will be ever so grateful to you for the kindness shown in this time of need.
    In short...and on a lighter note....
                      OYE...SUNNY PAAJI ,OYE!! JUST TAKE A CHILL PILL!!
                           AND PLEASE GIVE US A BREAK, JI!!

     Yours, with respect...
       a poor earthling.                                                                                                    
        This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. So polite! I'm sure Sunny Paaji would reconsider. :D

    Definitely tickled the funny bone there. :)

  2. Sunny Paaji ...must have enjoyed reading your letters , just like I did :)

  3. Feelings are great of Sunny Paaji.
    How are you feeling today!!!
    anyway today is very special day, Today ( in 1857,10th May) is the day when the great Mutiny of 1857 started
    Just read in


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