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Chatty stats!

This time write a witty & fun conversation between all stationery items. What is it that everything on your table would discuss in your absence?


         It was a lazy Sunday Sunday mornings generally are! The laziness of the morning seemed to have rubbed off on Rahul, too, who lay snoring away to glory, lost in his dreamland. Last night had been one long, hectic, study night that had left him completely drained, as could be visible from his study table. It lay in total disarray with books and journals lying open and stationery strewn about carelessly.
     Now,as the sun rose, there could be heard voices,  coming from...where? Were the birds chirping? No, it didn't sound like the birds. It sounded  more like little people like the Liliputians from Gulliver's Travels! Wait...they were coming from Rahul' table, for goodness sake! Unbeknownst  to Rahul, there was some gup-shup going on between his stationery items!

   "Boys will be boys!" exclaimed Boo Boo, the book. "Just look at the way we have been literally thrown here! Thank God for small mercies, we aren't lying on the floor...we would have been chewed up by the dog long back!"

    "Hmm...chill, Boo Boo. He is a guy..a college kid. What do you expect from him?" Penny, the pencil, tried to calm down Boo Boo. "It's the girls who keep their things neat and tidy. Boys cannot be bothered about such things, you know?" she tch-tched.

   "Hola, sweetheart ! Howdy, babe?" Erry, the eraser, and a born flirt, greeted Penny as he stepped out from under a sheet of paper. "Penny, you are so correct, my love. House keeping is a woman's job. We men prefer using our time for more exciting stuff. Winking at pretty ladies, for example! Hehehe...!" He  sniggered.  Penny turned and walked off towards Inky, the pen, as Boo Boo slammed himself shut.  He always found Erry's talks frivolous and stupid.

    "Hey, come on, pretty woman, where are you going? Hey...hey...
            Ruk ruk ruk....arrey baba ruk....oh, my darling, give me a look...!" Erry tried grabbing Penny's attention..but .in vain.

"Eeks! Erry....STOP that irritating song at once, before I prick you with my pointy toes!" screeched Penny. "You have no class, you know that? You good- for- nothing!", she screamed at Erry.

      :"Hey, there Penny. Now, that is so wrong. I am not good for nothing. I remove every trace of the mistakes you make, remember? Don't you know the saying..."To err is forgive...Erry! Haa, see? Try having a jog down memory lane. The number of mistakes you made last night and got on poor Rahul's nerves. Had it not been for me, he wouldn't have finished his work even today! Hmmph.... snooty dame thinks she is some..."

      "Sshh, now, Erry. Penny. enough of it all! Calm down, both of you, will you?" Inky admonished the fighter-cocks.

        "Penny is so right, Inky. Erry IS an idiot, good for nothing. Just look at him. All dirty and black..doesn't even bother to clean himself!" joined in Sharpy, the sharpener and Penny's best friend."This chap, Erry and that Scaly think no end of themselves. Always bragging about how great they are and forever flirting with Penny. She hates them so! Wonder why we have to put up with these incompetent imbeciles!" he hollered in exasperation.

      "Sshh...all of you, kids! ENOUGH of it all! Sharpy, no one here is good for nothing or an idiot or snooty. You all very well know how we all have skills of our own... how we all have been made with distinctive qualities of our own. Yes, I am using big words, but, you very well know that I speak the truth. It is a fact that we all are of some use or the other to Rahul. How helpless he would be if he would lose any one of us. We all are part of a big  family and we are going to be here together for a long long time. So, kids, Erry you, especially, grow up. Stop acting funny, stop troubling Penny, she is such a doll! In fact, you all are!"

     "WHAT? We all are dolls? Eeks! Inky, I am a guy...a macho guy." grumbled Erry.

      "Yes, Erry, you are a macho guy. But, you are also a doll....a really sweet guy without whom Penny would be so incomplete. You are her better half! Do you know that, Penny?" Inky turned to Penny who screwed her nose in disgust.

      "Look friends, let bygones be bygones. Let us all live happily! I know, I have been acting all high and mighty since I joined you,but I fully agree with what Inky says." joined in Scaly, the scale, who had been watching the scene from afar.

       "Well said, Inky and Scaly. It is in our best interest to stick together, stay together, set aside our differences and work together for the benefit of that lazy boy who is still dreaming about that girlfriend of his!" reasoned Boo Boo with a smile.

     "Righto, Boo Boo! As you say, Inky, my dear friend. Actually, you are so true. Penny, darling, forgive me, honey. I will try not to get under your skin, but, now as Inky said, we are life-partners, I will definitely call you  by names befitting the love of my life!  But, it will all be within limits, promise! So, what say, cease-fire?" Erry pleaded with Penny.

     "Okay, Erry, forgive and forget. But, please, you will never sing that awful song again, okay?"

      "Okay, dearie! So, Scaly, Boo Boo, Inky, Sharpy and my doll, Penny, we will all be one big, happy, loving family, doing our best for that lazy bones over there. And as some famous person once said.."Make love....not war!'.....giggled Erry....

      "Ohh God! Noo.....not again....!" groaned everyone in unison.

       This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


  1. Shilpaji, I shall critique your posts starting from the very first one. :P

    But for now, please accept this Liebster Award from me. :)
    You can read about it at

  2. There are a few extra commas here and there.
    'Hollered' means someone called out by shouting your name out. Or maybe even just hello.
    Ceasefire is one word.
    And please don't say "fighter-cock" :D
    Go through the rules for punctuating dialogue.

    The story itself was nice, so no problem there at all. :)
    Just a bit of editing.

  3. Thank you, thank you so much, Pawan! This is exactly the kind of critiquing that I have wanted all these months! I will definitely work on it and hope to improve along with time.
    Also, a BIG thank you for the Liebster Award!!! I am really honoured! I can't express what I feel.....coz I did not know that I can write well enough for someone to present me with an award! SO, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

    1. I'm sure you will be even better in the future :)

  4. Yes, I know 'fighter-cock' sounds......umm wrong....i felt it the moment I wrote it, but then felt too lazy to think about another better word.....WIll remember it always! Thank you!

    1. That's probably because it's an Indian colloquialism. I'm not even sure if it's used pan-India. You'd verily scandalize someone not familiar with the term. :P


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