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A wild fantasy!

               One night, as I was getting ready for bed, my phone rang. It was my closest friend who usually gives me a call in the evenings. So, I was quite surprised to receive her call at that hour. With some trepidation I took the call and the moment I heard her "Hello" my heart skipped a beat. She sounded very low, very disturbed and distressed. I asked her what the matter was and she just broke down and began weeping! In spite of a lot of cajoling, she didn't divulge the real reason behind her disturbed frame of mind.  She spoke to me for a long time about this and that, but I kept on feeling that  she was hiding something from me, hiding the most important fact.  What could it be? I tried asking her in every possible way, but couldn't get it out of her.
              After talking to her for quite some time, I lay down and tried to sleep, but couldn't. What was it that she couldn't open up about? I was her best friend. What was there to hide from me? I wondered. I so wished I could find out....but, how? I could not possibly ask about it to her family...and I didn't know any other close friend of hers. Oh, how I wish I could find out what was going on in her mind, what was it that was disturbing her so much! There are  times  when our dearest people go through pain and heart ache and we feel like mute spectators unable to reach out because of the invisible walls they  build around themselves. And at such times all we can do is pray for them or pray for miracles...magic, perhaps!
           These days we keep reading about all sorts of  apps that phone companies keep introducing in order to make life simpler or just for the sake of entertainment. Really, are they any good? I so wish they could come up with some app that could read minds, that could pin point the problem that keeps gnawing at people from within while they put up a brave  facade for the world. Or, maybe, give the phone the super power that could help in finding out exactly what it is that troubles our near and dear ones and help them in getting out of those situations!
         Agreed that we all have our  families and  friends to  share our joys and sorrows with. But, there are matters that we do not disclose to anybody. Our fears, our anxieties that eat up our insides most often stay embedded deep within our hearts,  away from our people. We  fear being ridiculed or  worry about  burdening them with our problems. And we keep living with those troubles for the rest of our lives...suffering, dying a slow death. I knew my friend was hiding something from me. I knew she was suffering a lot more than she revealed. But, what I did not know was how I could solve this mystery! My heart went out to her. What good was my friendship if I could not help her in her time of need? It broke my heart to see her suffer silently.
          In fact, it breaks my heart when I see 'my' people suffer  and when I am totally helpless. Wouldn't it be great if my phone could actually have the super power to read my people's minds?! I would have gone bankrupt but I would  have surely gifted them  all such a phone made with the power to secretly disclose their innermost fears, their dreams and their ambitions that they kept to themselves. And, the icing on the cake would be if the phone also had the power to help me find solutions to their problems or maybe, help them fulfil their wishes, their dreams that they themselves could not!
        There would surely be a lot many smiling faces around me. My family and my  friends would be a lot more happier, a lot more at peace on being eased of their burdens.  Having someone or something that solves our problems, or helps us get over our fears can be such a boon. And in this jet age, or should I say, electronic age, when  every second human being owns a phone, such a phone with super powers could be immensely useful!
       Maybe, I need to work on my e-skills and..umm.....maybe conduct an experiment on my phone and arm it with these super powers! And, what if I succeed? That will be THE END of worries for my dear ones who have been going through upheavals they have never spoken about! How I yearn to see their happy, cheerful faces!
      Life, as it is, is uncertain. And if in this uncertain and short span of time, all we do is fight battles after battles, then when do we stop to smell the roses? When do we get to enjoy the beauty around us? Yes....yes.....a super power infused phone is the need of the hour! I think I will stop writing and start working on my Super Powerful  Phone pronto! There are wishes to be fulfilled, difficulties to be solved, fears to be driven away and lives to be enjoyed!!


  1. That sounds app to read minds..guess some things are concealed for fear of being judged..A true to life post I enjoyed reading..straight from the heart, Shilpa:)

  2. Thank you, Vishal! Glad you enjoyed reading it.

  3. A quintet of Radiance award for you :) Please follow this link for details


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