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The final goodbye.

So, what would you do if you are told that today is the last day of your life? Will you hurriedly attempt to do everything in your bucket list or would you retrospect about life up till now, instead? Your blog post should start with the line, “It is 6 in the morning…”

            It is 6 in the morning.  I jolt out of my sleep  as the alarm goes  off. Ohh! What a horrid dream it was! I so hope it never comes least for another 30 years or so. Oh no! but what do they say about early morning dreams  coming true? I shudder by the mere thought and shake my head to clear my mind. Early morning dreams coming true is utter rubbish. I push the thought away as I make my way to the washroom. 
          A splash of cold water on my face clears away the cobwebs as well as the nagging fear of the dream. Refreshed, I make way to the drawing room and nearly have a heart attack! Right in front of me, on the sofa, resplendent in his huge crown and the black robes sits YAMRAAJ the God of death himself!! My blood pressure goes for a dip as I give an ear splitting scream!  "HUBBY...HUBBY WAKE UP!! "
          "My dear child, there is really no point in screaming. Just hear me out and I will leave. You see, I am a busy man!" speaks God in a soft voice.
           This really can't be happening. Oh Lord, is my dream really going to come true? I ask myself. And as if reading my thoughts, God answers,"Yes, my child. Today is your last day on earth. I have simply come here to inform you that you have time till 12 am before you bid your final adieu to this world. Fulfil your last wishes ASAP. I will be here to pick you up by 12. That is all. Have a good day."
And just like that... poof.....he vanishes!

          I stand there rooted to the spot, drained of energy, dumbstruck. I am really going to die today? TODAY?! This really can't be happening. "HUBBY....wake up for goodness sake! I am DYING!" I scream my lungs out, but in vain. Men can really not be bothered by anything in this world when they are asleep, can they? 
       I take a deep breath and drag myself to the nearest chair. I so need some support right now. That really was Yamraaj, no doubt. No one in my building has either those  proportions  or the time to fool around at 6 in the morning. Okay, so, I really am going to die. And I am supposed to fulfil my last wishes by the end of the day! I snigger at my fate. What a coincidence! Just a couple of days back I made my bucket list! But, what good is it now? A vacation with my girlfriends and with my mom and a world tour with hubby darling will take more than a day! I will have to think about something else....something more important that some tour.
         First of all, hubby will not be seeing the frowny there will be smiles...only smiles and lots of laughter. Today he will have a wonderful day with his wife who will not be nagging about trivial issues, but will be all sugary sweet and give him the time of his life. I don't want him to remember the nag who chewed his brains night and day! Yes, the day  spent with my sweetheart is going to be THE most wonderful day of our lives!
       Next, I am going to meet up with mum and dad and have a long heart to heart talk telling them what wonderful parents they have been! They really put the world at my feet! Oh, how thankful I am for having such loving parents! How will they bear my absence? Oh, no no. No negative thoughts. I am just going to make them smile today and leave the world seeing their smiling faces.
      And then, I am going to call up all of my dear friends who have stood by me through thick and thin and been the support system I always need. I wish they were closer home, but nonetheless, I am going to call them up, have a heart to heart with each one of them, thank them for adding joys and subtracting the sorrows from my life and being the most valued treasure I have ever had!
     And, the last moments, I would just like to thank God for the life he gave me, which has surely been far better than what I wanted. And, also ask for forgiveness for my wrong that I don't have to come back to pay for my sins!!!

      Just then the alarm goes off...again? I open my eyes to see I am still lying in bed. Aah! THAT was a dream? Ohh, thank God, thank God it was just a dream!  O oh! It was an early morning dream! And what do they say about early morning dreams?!

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  1. :) nice read! check out mine at

  2. Thank god it was just a dream! Phew. Seemed like I was also running with you in your dream...Nicely written!
    check mine @

  3. Thank you....will surely check your post!

  4. good read! Surprisingly, we start off with the same note :)
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  5. Thank you, Shashank! Will surely read your post....

  6. i totally agree with umang.. it felt like i was experiencing ur panic!! dream inside a dream! Good one shilpa and loved the narration :)

  7. Dream inside a dream.. very lively :) Enjoyed reading shilpa!

  8. Nice post Shilpa :)
    "hubby will not be seeing the frowny there will be smiles...only smiles and lots of laughter."

    So one thing is learned here. Smiles should be included in our day to day life. It definitely makes it worth much more.

    Congrats for the WOW :)

  9. Thanks Anmol and congrats to you,too!
    I enjoyed reading your post!

  10. An enjoyable read !!! Will look out for more ... I am new here... have just posted mine too....


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