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The mad-ad world.

    Some days back I happened to see an advert on the idiot box where  a guy asks his colleague, "Kal raat palak ki sabji khayi thi?" The insulting query disturbs the palak ki sabji-eater on whom the camera now zooms, focusing on the teeth which still have the green veggie stuck in between. Yuck! Disgusting! Does anyone in this whole wide world ever have food stuck in between their teeth even after brushing ? What trashy stuff they show! Don't the makers of the ad know that it is as impossible for food to be stuck as someone recognising the food the next day? The ad seemed so stupid and so did the model who had food in his teeth. He should have retorted, "Nahi, idiot, palak ki nahi, methi ki sabji thi....theek se dekh!"
    The kind of ads they churn out these days is ridiculous. I mean, look at this one....some guy is sitting and having his burger or whatever, when he gets a shooting pain in his teeth  and as he screams in pain Kareena Kapoor bursts onto the scene out of nowhere with a mic in hand and asks if he has salt in his toothpaste! And the nutcase is shown asking her, "Salt?" Hmph! If such a thing actually happened, the guy would either faint or have a heart attack. Imagine yourself eating something and the Kapoor babe appearing in front of you...what would you do? Ask her what she meant by salt in toothpaste ? Although, I did like the idea of a salt enriched toothpaste. Plan on buying one. What if one fine day, while cooking, I run out of salt and the shops are all closed? I will have the 'special' toothpaste to save my day!
    The most annoying ads, however, are those which have precocious little brats acting all worldly wise, giving gyan to the grown ups. It is a common scenario in every household where parents are busy with their work and kids are glued to the television, watching stuff  they understand nothing about, aping those little models from the ads and talking big.  And then we grumble that today's 'smart alecs' have no manners whatsoever! Are our kids to be blamed?
   I remember the few ads that they used to air when I was young. There was  no meaningless  drama, no witless talks about salt in toothpastes or fruits in shampoos, the kids back then were polite and well behaved and the general 'atmosphere' was clean, unpolluted.  Times have, indeed, changed. They say that things improve along with time....but, not all things, for sure. Some things deteriorate..making us long for the golden olden days! But, sadly, what's gone is gone..nothing is going to bring it back. We will have to live with all sorts of weird stuff they inflict on in washing powders, fruits in toiletries, coal in face  wash and what-not in what-not sold  by  smarty-pant-kids, bumbling police officers, dimwitted husbands and their worldly-wise ( ex-Miss World) wives!


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