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Missing you.

Your voice, like rich, molten dark chocolate, left me gasping the first time I heard it; just talking to you brought about a spring in my step, a song in my heart!    Had we really just met or had we met before, in some other time, some other world, past life, perhaps?   Our hearts connected - instantly - so did our souls,  and you made for yourself a permanent place in my heart; you were my dearest friend, my love!    And then, like all good things coming to an end, we did, too; 'we' ceased to exist, for reasons yet unknown.   Now, all I have are the memories of those joyful moments when we talked into the  nights, and we laughed, and squabbled; I so miss those moments, I so miss you - each day begins with the same question: should I hold on or should I let go?
This post is a part of [Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction - Conflict

Brave Heart.

Her day began and ended by the side of her favourite object in the house - the radio; it brought for her news about him.  
    It had been more than 10 months since he had left; his promise of making it back in time for his birthday still fresh in her memory.
     Every day, she would sit by the door, her tired, rheumy eyes scanning the horizon. 
      Be it rain or sunshine, her weak and frail body would muster all the strength it could to make it all the way to the railway station waiting for the arrival of her son.

    Stories from the  battlefield could sure weaken one's spirit, but not hers; she was a brave mother who had sent her brave son at the border to fight for his other mother - their motherland.

This post is a part of [Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction - Waiting

Five Sentence Fiction - Cast away.

This week's word: MAPS.

   It had been two hours  since her son had left her to go in search of a fuel station. He had assured her he would be back in a jiffy, but she had begun to get worried now. Scary thoughts of every kind began crowding her fragile mind; had he met with an accident, had he lost his way, or worse, had he decided to abandon her, his old mother, in the middle of nowhere? Oh, God! what if old Martha's story about children abandoning their parents was true? Her old heart was thumping in her chest as she strained her weak eyes in every direction, praying for her son to come fetch her.http://lilliemcferrinwrites

This post is part of [Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction .

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS...Questions and answers.

My dear mom-dad,                       I have decided to do what you have been dissuading me from doing.  It is not because of our argument last night, no. Nothing can ever change my love for you and you know that. You are my heart, my soul, my universe!                    I need  to make this trip because I have to find her. I need to know the reason she dumped me in the garbage bin the second I was born; to know if she ever thought of me all these years; if she even remembers me!                This is my last attempt, mom. Promise. 
                                                                                              Your loving son...
P.S.     Mom, you are my mother and that is the ultimate truth!

The end.

"It's the same voice, you're standing at a precipice and you look down, there's a voice, a little quiet voice that goes, "Jump". - Robin Williams.

                I lie awake in my bed listening to my breathing - it is the only sound I hear in the still of the night. The house is  quiet, save for the dripping tap in the kitchen. I had worked on it for the past few days, but now, it really didn't matter. Nothing mattered anymore: the tap, the kitchen, the house, my life - nothing.  Life had passed by and what had I done except indulge it's crazy tantrums? I had done my best to bring smiles on faces that mattered to me, to fill hearts with laughter where there was none. It had sapped me of my energy, but I had continued on the road I had chosen for myself. But, now there was nothing left of it. The laughter had died down and the people had left leaving me all by myself. All by myself, but for that little voice.
              It had crept in from nowher…

Five Sentence Fiction...The moon and her prince.

This week's word: LUMINOUS.

          The wait, at long last, had ended.  A fortnight had passed by leaving  him impatient, desperate to meet his love. Now, finally, they would meet - the  star crossed lovers. She, too, had wondered when the sun would go down and her friends, the stars, would come out and deck up the stage for their rendezvous. She  hid behind  the veil of the clouds - shy, her heart thumping against her chest - but, when finally the curtains fell, she  made a luminous entry, straight into her lover's outstretched arms!

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Five Sentence Fiction: Hope and faith.

This week's word: SECURE.

      Life had changed for little Ravi since leaving that horror house that was Geeta Vatsalya Trust.
His new home felt warm and comfortable, but most of all, safe and secure. No longer would there be those scary shadows lurking in the dark, waiting for unsuspecting, innocent little souls. No longer would there  be two pieces of dry, stale bread and water that was passed off as dal to be eaten two times a day, seven days a week.  Here, there would be food, warmth, love and laughter and a family that cared for him dearly;  how happy he was that he had been 'the chosen one' that day!