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           Couple of days back, I happened to read a post by a blogger friend, where she had expressed her gratitude to people who made a difference to her life. I liked the idea immensely and hence decided to do the same to three of my friends from the blogosphere who have made a difference to my life as a blogger. Writing is something that I seriously began just a year ago. So, as a fresher, any help I get is always welcome! I have learnt so much from these three wonderfully gifted writers that it has changed my entire attitude towards writing. So, here are the three gems, who have become friends, and whose guidance  and encouragement mean the world to me.

Pawan Hegde:  Pawan, the first time I read your story, I was floored! Your writing was the kind I found in books of the prolific authors whom I have always admired. I learnt so much from you. Although, implementing those lessons in my work has not happened the way it should, as yet. But, I know, I will be there, some day. And, I know that you, my young mentor, will be very proud of me! That is a promise. The icing on the cake has been our friendship. In spite of the age gap, I enjoy having conversations with you, that teach me a thing or two. This old woman finds your youthful talks very invigorating, young man! Thank you, for everything. May the bond strengthen as the years pass. And, may you fulfil my dream of publishing a book of your own!

Shailaja Vishwanath: Shailaja, the day I read your post, I said to myself, "This woman sure must be a very talented writer! Wonder why she writes these blogs? She should be out there, churning out best sellers!" Really, Shailaja, you are simply the very best! And, every time I read your posts, I cringe at my own writing! Just reading your posts has taught me the importance of putting across my thoughts in a way I myself have never thought of! And, your post on checking the writing before publishing it has been priceless. In fact, yesterday, I did not follow your advice (for the first time) and just went ahead and published and did not realise the spelling error I had made in the title! I was so embarrassed! I couldn't stop thinking about it all night. Thank you, Shailaja, for your encouraging words, your precious advice and your warm friendship! I am honoured to have a friend like you!

Carol Graham: Carol, you amaze me with your zest for life.  You are a shining example to youngsters the world over! The number of activities that keep you on your toes, and your writing, have not been able to bog you down. Had I been in your place, I would have given up by now! Reading your posts motivates me and instils in me the confidence that if I take it to heart, I can achieve the goals I aim for. Although, there are times when I get all lazy or nervous, but then I simply have to read your post and I can feel the confidence creeping back! I have found a wonderful friend in you, Carol. You have that knack in you that makes people open up to you in spite of never having met you. That is such a fine quality you possess! God bless you, my dear. May you have a wonderful, fulfilling life ahead. And, may some of your enthusiasm rub off on me! I am in dire need of it, Carol!

          The social media is such a place, you never know the real person who exists behind the the screen. That is why, if you meet the right kind of people, you ought to consider yourself  lucky. The way I did. I met these lovely people, who have made quite a difference to my life. They have touched my life, my soul, in a way they may never really know. And, for that I am thankful to them. Thank you, my dear friends. God bless you!
NaBloPoMo November 2014


  1. Shilpa, I am speechless. And you know what that means for a blogger ;)

    I thank the day that Providence made our paths cross in the blogsphere. Was it through Five Sentence Fiction, perhaps? I cannot recall. Either way, I am blessed to have a supportive writer/blogger like you in my corner. I love your writing too. I find it full of love, energy and life. Just what writing should be about. It also makes me very guilty that I have not frequented your blog as often as I have, but I am hoping that as this shoulder heals, I can do more justice to blog hopping.

    As for that compliment about books/bestsellers, I am overwhelmed. With your warm words, you made my day.Thank you, Shilpa, for being you and for being in my life. Yes, the social media circle can be a dangerous place or a wonderfully fruitful one. I have seen both sides and I am glad to count you among one of the best benefits of that network. Love and hugs to you.


  2. What an incredible idea and I will certainly be paying it forward. Your expression to each of the three women is heartwarming and encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to express these sentiments and what we meant to you. I cried when I read your kind words and you challenged me to continue to offer hope and inspiration. I am going to link you post with mine on Sunday. THANK YOU and big hugs. You are an encourager!


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