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Madame Destiny.

                 Destiny -- may I call 'her' the 'game-changer'?  The game called  life. A mere nod of 'her' head and the entire picture changes  colours!  How smug are we in the belief that WE are the architects of our own life, WE hold life in our palms, have its controls in our very hands.  How we indulge such  blind beliefs about ourselves, deaf to 'her' giggling uncontrollably, waiting to show who the real boss is!

               Destiny -- the sly, manipulative grand dame, who has the reins of our lives in her hands -- giving off freely or keeping a tight grip -- as she pleases. And, doing so without prejudice, leaving us wondering who she may favour next!

             Destiny -- we never know who makes it in her good books! 
  A rogue, who gets the best job in the world,
 A lawbreaker, who roams freely, even as his victim languishes in abject misery for no fault of hers.
 The 'powers that be', who sit in the 'chair' they do not deserve.
The lazy grasshopper, who gets it all on a silver platter, but not the hard working ant, who toils day and night.
The cunning rabbit, who wins the race, but not the slow and steady tortoise, who follows the rules.

         Yes, such is Destiny, who makes uncanny moves in the game that is life. Like a game of chess, where the winner makes the final move -- the checkmate! 

          However, Madame Destiny also has another side to her. Yes, the softer side. The do-gooder side!  Now, I can not, by any means,  defame the one, who makes moves that also benefit the underdog in the long run, can I?  

       For, it is Destiny, who makes sure  that a young woman gets urged to pursue her studies, in spite of her not-so-good financial background, so that one day, in the future, she can take up the entire responsibility of her family on her strong shoulders and earn not only her livelihood, but also the respect and admiration of every one around!
         It is Destiny, who makes sure that a  young lad, who has not known a mother's love, not known happiness throughout his insecure childhood, grows up to be a man of strong character with a blessed and secure future and the love of each soul he has touched on his way!

          And, it is Destiny, whose moves make sure that the hard working ant and the honest tortoise get their due share of respect and inspiration in the eyes of us mere mortals the world over!

         Now, that is what I consider to be the actual checkmate!




NaBloPoMo November 2014


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