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The little fighters.


               The sun had long since gone for his daily dip in the ocean. The darkness was now spreading fast, hastening the little people to leave the park and return to the safety of their nests.  At the far end of the park, on a creaky bench, sat a lone figure, looking into the distance, lost in her own thoughts.

      "Piyu, Piyu, come on now. Its getting late. We should have been home by now. Any later, and we will be in for a good shouting from Ma. Don't you know that?" called out Adi, to his elder sister.
Piyu heard her brother and turned around to see him approaching the bench. She quickly blinked  away the tears that threatened to spill over the brim and pasted a smile on her face. But, although a good four years younger than Piyu, Adi was an intuitive little boy. The moment he saw her, he knew something was amiss. He inched closer to her face, peeping into those sad brown eyes, as if trying to decipher a math equation at school.
      "Are you crying, Piyu?" he asked breathlessly, his voice now quivering with fear. "Is something wrong? Are you hurt? Did someone say something to you?"...the questions spewed out through his trembling  lips. Piyu, his darling elder sister, was his world. She had become his pillar of strength since their father passed away. Her smile was like sunshine in their gloomy life. And, now, on seeing her sad face, his heart began to flutter. At the age of 7 years, all he wanted, was to have his sister by his side, steady, like a rock, and always smiling.

       Listening to his questions, the tears she had wiped away, began to well up again.
"Piyu!" was all that was required and the sobs tumbled over, uncontrollably.
"Piyu...what is the matter? Why are you crying? Should I call Ma? Please, lets go home now. Everything will be alright. I promise!" pleaded Adi with her. But, nothing could stop Piyu from crying.  She may have been his strong elder sister, but she still was a little girl. A child, who was having the toughest time of her life, fighting the demon, who threatened to kill her lest she speak a word about it.
       Ma -- their loving Ma -- how she had changed after their father left them! Ma -- whose life revolved around her little birdies, had not a spare moment for them now. Why did God have to do this to them? Why did He have to take away their beloved father? And, why did He have to give them another father, who had not one kind word to say to them? Why had Ma brought  that wretched man into their life and driven away the peace that had cocooned them all these years?
      What were they to do now? Whom could they turn for help now? How could Piyu keep living like this, scared of the man, who smelled of liquor all day long, who looked at her lustily with those evil eyes, who frequented their bedroom in the dead of the night, touching her, doing all sorts of bad things to her? And the threats to kill her and her brother if one word slipped out of her mouth! Oh! Ma, why couldn't she read her terror-stricken face, hear her quivering voice?

     There were no answers to her questions. And, no help for them from this hell they were living in. Didn't god help people whenever they prayed to Him?  She knew how much she had been praying for His help. It had been days now, but the help had not yet arrived.

       Adi shook Piyu out of her thoughts and cupped her face in his palms. He could feel something rising within him. What it was, he knew not. All he knew, was that although he was the younger one, it was time to grow up. Didn't his father tell him one day, that he was the man of the house, and taking care of his mother and his sister was his duty?  So what if he was just a little boy?  If he had the fighting spirit within him, he could very well move mountains!  Wasn't that what father had said to him?
     His dear sister was in trouble and all he now knew, was that he had to help her out of it. No longer was he going to be a little boy, hiding behind his sister. Whatever it was that had made his sister cry, he was going to take care of it.
         Adi quietly sat beside a weeping Piyu and put his arm around her. His little fingers wiped away her tears and his voice cooed into her ears, trying to comfort her.
Piyu, tell me what has happened. Has that man done something to you? Did he beat you? Some nights, when I can't sleep, I see him entering our room and doing something. Is that why you are so scared all the time? Is that why you are crying? Piyu, don't you worry anymore. I am here. We will fight that bad man next time he tries stepping into our room. And, I will kick him and hit him with that rod we have behind our cupboard, and drive him out of our house. Okay? Promise. Now smile!"
          His brave words had done their job! Piyu wiped away her tears and put on a smile. Yes, they would surely do something. Crying like sissies was not what their father had taught them. Yes, the demon was too big for those little ones to fight, but how long would they stay mum? Yes, Ma would beat the hell out of them, but, if she did come to know what was really happening behind her back, would she keep quiet? No!  And,hadn't their teacher taught them -- where there is  a will, there is a way? That, god helped those who helped themselves? Yes, they were going to fight. And, yes, they were going to win!

NaBloPoMo November 2014


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