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Men will be men, will be men!!

Men......! What was God thinking when he got down to creating them, I will always wonder! And after trying to change them in all these years, we women have not been all! Not that I have anything against them as such...I mean, we would never be able to survive without them. But, there are certain habits or idiosyncrasies  of these creatures that do get to all of us women, I am sure. There is so much to write about them ; I have written in an earlier blog- a letter to God on what changes we would appreciate in the future production of this species; but, it isn't much. Thats because we keep spotting something or other about them that needs to be talked about. Pent up emotions create a havoc on my system and thus, this blog , which I am writing on behalf of my 'sisters', many of who will agree with me.
   We all may have observed it...there is this very irritating habit of men that needs to be done to death. And that is.....even when they are out w…

Sexy Chefs!

The title of this blog is surely going to seem uncomfortable to some, but, you will also agree that there is definitely something sexy about men in the kitchen, or should I say, male chefs! Everytime you switch on some cookery channel, you will find men in their crisp white uniforms, with the chef's hat ( or is it cap?) swinging around in the kitchen, preparing some or other mouth-watering recipe. There are women chefs,  too, but, men make it far more interesting, except for Nigella Lawson! Be it Gordon Ramsay (agreed, the guy is somewhat  crazy, but he is surely a sight to see!), or be it our very own Sanjeev Kapoor, men do make better chefs than women.....definitely more entertaining! Whoever said that cooking is a woman's job, or that a kitchen is a female domain, is surely going to curse me and call me  names, but, this is what I feel.
    I do have proof of what I am talking! My husband of 16 years is a man passionate about food. Yes, his physique will vouch for it…


In India, there are just two things that have a tremendous impact on people's minds - cricket and films. Every time there is a match, we see hordes of Kohlis and Tendulkars, in every nook and corner, in every gully, showing off their batting skills, totally over come by the spirit of the game. The same applies to our films. Every time there is a new release, we only hear songs from that film, fashion trends  of the heroines followed and dialogues being spewed and dance moves being copied left, right and centre.
   Some days ago, my 4 and a half year old nephew had come over to our place for a week as his baby-sitter was out of town. With his mum busy at office, the responsibility of keeping the tot busy through the day was on my shoulders. The day had to start with his favourite cartoon serials and end with a walk outdoors with my pet dog. And during the walk, the most viewed  object and discussed topic would be the Dhoom bikes!
    The moment we would step out of our buildin…