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A wild fantasy!

One night, as I was getting ready for bed, my phone rang. It was my closest friend who usually gives me a call in the evenings. So, I was quite surprised to receive her call at that hour. With some trepidation I took the call and the moment I heard her "Hello" my heart skipped a beat. She sounded very low, very disturbed and distressed. I asked her what the matter was and she just broke down and began weeping! In spite of a lot of cajoling, she didn't divulge the real reason behind her disturbed frame of mind.  She spoke to me for a long time about this and that, but I kept on feeling that  she was hiding something from me, hiding the most important fact.  What could it be? I tried asking her in every possible way, but couldn't get it out of her.
              After talking to her for quite some time, I lay down and tried to sleep, but couldn't. What was it that she couldn't open up about? I was her best friend. What was there to hide from me?…

Five Sentence Fiction... Little Tara.

This week's word : DAZZLES.

        It was a bright, sunny day and little Tara's cheerful  disposition seemed to fill up the room with happiness....the spirited little girl had wowed one and all with her spunk and her determination.

        Tara's eyes lit up at the sight of her favourite  crayons and the drawing sheets....finally her dream would be coming true! she chirped as she inched towards her desk.

      With great concentration and a will power to match, Tara took the brightest of the crayons amid cheers of encouragement.

      In a matter of minutes, the sheet was filled with butterflies in vibrant colours, flitting among a bunch of pretty  purple coloured daisies.

     A huge round of applause by the doctors and the nurses reverberated across the room as they proudly celebrated the successful operation of little Tara....she had finally learnt to make use of her prosthetic arms as well as her prosthetic foot! Bravo!!

A game of destiny. A short story.

THAKUR RANDHIR PRATAP SINGH....said the bronze name plate on the rusted iron gate that led to the old, dilapidated bungalow.  The meter high grass and the weeds growing wild all over the grounds surrounding the bungalow at once gave it an eerie feel.  The facade of the decrepit, old house seemed to be begging for attention.  But, how could a sane person even think of entering the house, leave alone residing  in this place that had DEATH written all over it? The spine chilling screams that could be heard on some nights were enough to keep even the bravest of men miles away from here.
             Rahul Khanna pushed open the creaky gate, entered the forbidden territory and took a deep breath. He stood still and fixed his gaze on the bungalow. What a beauty it must have been in it's heydays, he wondered.  Elegant and understated, it spoke highly about the visionary who had built this structure. In spite of it's present run down condition, the architecture was awe …

The final goodbye.

So, what would you do if you are told that today is the last day of your life? Will you hurriedly attempt to do everything in your bucket list or would you retrospect about life up till now, instead? Your blog post should start with the line, “It is 6 in the morning…”

            It is 6 in the morning.  I jolt out of my sleep  as the alarm goes  off. Ohh! What a horrid dream it was! I so hope it never comes least for another 30 years or so. Oh no! but what do they say about early morning dreams  coming true? I shudder by the mere thought and shake my head to clear my mind. Early morning dreams coming true is utter rubbish. I push the thought away as I make my way to the washroom.            A splash of cold water on my face clears away the cobwebs as well as the nagging fear of the dream. Refreshed, I make way to the drawing room and nearly have a heart attack! Right in front of me, on the sofa, resplendent in his huge crown and the black robes sits YAMRAAJ the God of death…

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS....A game of destiny.

The old house at the end of the street was long since lying in ruins.

      Old timers from the neighbourhood would reminisce about the halcyon days when it was the pride of their entire community.

      "Tch tch...what a waste of  money and all that labour!  Old man Thakur would have grieved  had he been alive to witness  the doings of his descendants! "

  "All the wealth squandered away, all the property frittered away on wine and women!  The rascals now languish in abject poverty, cursing their fate!  Aah...don't they say, "Man is the master of his own destiny?"

     " Old Thakur's wife still haunts  the house....the poor old thing died of a broken heart. Why would she ever forgive them?" they concurred.

Five Sentence Fiction...Dilemma.

This week's word- FENCES.

       The bright sunlight blinded her as she craned her neck to peep through the open window.

        Was it a  dream? she wondered, as her foggy mind made it difficult for her to grasp such a possibility.

       Her window to the world was  open, beyond which lay the untended garden full of weeds and thorny bushes surrounded by the high fence which now had a hole in it...a hole big enough for a human to pass through...a hole that seemed to beckon her.

       Did she have that courage in her to leave, rather, did she possess the strength to move a single muscle in her body after being confined to this room for so long?

      Oh, but she really had no choice.....she had run out of books!

Five sentence fiction... The long wait..

This week's word: WISHES.

   Mihika's day began and ended with her waiting for Manjeet's phone call, and now her patience was wearing thin.  Oh, how she longed to hear his voice!  That one phone call would decide whether she could celebrate her life or mourn over it.  It had taken every ounce of Mihika's mental strength and pleading with Manjeet to make the life altering decision.  5 hours....5 hours was what it had taken them to chop her husband's body into pieces and pack them, ready for disposal...a job Manjeet had gone to complete 6 days ago.

Opposites attract.

A deafening bang jolted me out of my deep slumber that fateful summer night.  It took me quite some time to come to my senses, though.  Getting out of my bed gingerly, I gathered my guts to find out the source of all that noise,  but jumped right back under the covers when I heard another loud bang. What was happening? Was it a burglar or were they dacoits? And where were they? Oh, my God! Where was all this racket going on? And as if answering my questions came a loud shriek followed by a thwack..."WATCHMAN...WATCHMAN!!HELP ME!! THIS MAN IS GOING TO KILL ME!!!" The sound seemed to be coming from the other side of my bedroom wall that I shared with my neighbour. And. it was Archana screaming and crying!
     Had someone broken into her house? Again I got my answer,"You have ruined my life, you bitch!" That was her husband, Mr Vijay Singh! Now I was fully awake. Archana and her husband...fighting?! They were the newly married couple who had recently come to st…

My Aai.

This is my first post for IndiBlogger.

               As I read the topic for this week...RICH...I set about wondering as to what is it that makes us 'rich', or feel rich?  One may have all the money in the world or one may be the most powerful being in this world, but, does it  make that person truly rich?  Money and power are material....and, you need to be in the good books of Lady Luck to be blessed by these material riches. But, can one guarantee the permanence of these riches in one's life?  Do these make us better human beings? Do these riches guarantee complete happiness and peace of mind, satisfaction and the love and respect of people around us?  That's when a line from an old Marathi poem that I heard in my childhood came to my mind...

                                 Swami teenhi jagaancha....

                                       Aai vina bhikaari.

It means, the Lord of the three worlds is but a beggar without a mother.

This line is from the…