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Our guardian angels.

I met a wonderful person today. Actually, I spoke to this person over the phone and in an instant I found myself pouring my heart out to her. What is so surprising about that? one might feel. It is just that I spoke to her for the very first time in my life. I  have enjoyed her prolific writing, but never met her or interacted with her in a conversation. I even don't know her full name, but the moment I heard her voice, I felt a warmth exude from her. It made me feel like opening up to her and in a matter of some minutes, I felt I had made a friend!
           What is it about some body that instantly makes you comfortable? What is it that tells you you do not need to put on a mask to hide behind? Throughout our life, we meet people who either make a place in our hearts or leave a scar on our souls. And right now, I just want to think about those people - those good people - who have made a place in my heart. They may or may not be with me throughout my journey, bu…


Many years ago, when I was a little girl, a little guy came into my life and put a big smile on my face and a lot of love in my heart. It happened one evening when I was out playing with my friends. A girl from my neighbourhood appeared at the play ground armed with the cutest rabbit I had ever seen. White fur with a dash of coffee brown on his long ears and red eyes like two tiny buttons - yes, this  is the little guy I spoke about! We all gathered around the girl, fascinated, watching in awe as he hopped around  us. We all asked her what she was doing with this rabbit at the play ground and she said that her father ( who was a very strict man) had asked her to get rid of 'the creature' before he himself threw it out of the house! We were aghast on hearing this, and all the more stunned to see this girl actually planning to forsake this cute little fellow right there at the play ground!
       Everyone began to wonder what lay in store for him  when I - god knows wh…

A sweet memory.

I remember vividly - it was my first day at college. Although there was a slight nervousness, I was at ease as it was an all girls' college. I had been late in getting the admission so I had missed out on some days as well as some lessons. Being a newcomer, I took an unoccupied bench and busied myself  looking around for a friendly face among the sea of pretty faces in the classroom. That was when a girl with curly hair and very simple looks entered my line of vision. She smiled and asked me my name. I introduced myself and asked her about herself. She was quite a simpleton, but her very beautiful soul peeped out of her loving, brown eyes. She quickly enquired about all the notes I had missed out on and also supplied information about all the professors and our classmates. We bonded right from the word go. I knew I had made a friend - a very large hearted friend.
        Everyday we met, we chatted about this and that and grew closer to each other. I realised she was a …

Five sentence fiction..........A page from my diary.

This week's word : FEARLESS.

       My mother-in-law suffers from schizophrenia, my husband suffers from bi-polar disorder, and I, from fear.

     Fear of things going awry: fear of a relapse: fear of every little change in the behaviour that speaks of a storm looming around the corner, threatening to throw life in a state of disarray.

     It has been a long time, yet  to this day, I fear the wild waves that hit the shore on a dark and stormy night

    But this is not the life I envisioned for myself - in constant terror about the ups and downs that life is bound to be laced with: I want to change, do away with this fear that has been playing havoc with my entire system.

     I yearn to fly- fly free of the worries that have been my constant companions, fly free in search of the happiness that resides within me ( ! ), fly fearlessly.....but, a doubt  nags me - will I be able to do it?

Five Sentence Fiction........Memories.

This week's word  : RAIN.

           The rain always did this to brought back memories buried deep down all through the year. And how many years had it been? Almost five years since that fateful day... the day it had rained like the  world would come to an end.  Her haste to reach the church where Ryan would be waiting for her...the rush to cross the water-logged street...thoughts of Ryan that crowded her mind every minute...plans for their happy future.... her  train of thoughts had picked up speed and she had failed to apply the brakes in time.
         Time, indeed, passes by real slow when all you do is lie on a hospital bed looking out of  a tiny window, chasing rainbows.

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS......An eye for an eye.

"A change of climate", was what the doctor had advised Nina after her third miscarriage. Jay had instantly made the decision to move to their secluded, two-storey house in the country side that offered  solitude far away from  city life.
          The movers had dumped most of their boxes in the attic which already contained stuff that belonged to Jay from his earlier "me time" visits.
           The 'stuff' consisted of 'trophies' from hunting expeditions- an act the animal lover Nina found repulsive, and Jay, adventurous.

          How could one pray for a life when one found pleasure in snuffing out another? argued Nina.

The mad-ad world.

Some days back I happened to see an advert on the idiot box where  a guy asks his colleague, "Kal raat palak ki sabji khayi thi?" The insulting query disturbs the palak ki sabji-eater on whom the camera now zooms, focusing on the teeth which still have the green veggie stuck in between. Yuck! Disgusting! Does anyone in this whole wide world ever have food stuck in between their teeth even after brushing ? What trashy stuff they show! Don't the makers of the ad know that it is as impossible for food to be stuck as someone recognising the food the next day? The ad seemed so stupid and so did the model who had food in his teeth. He should have retorted, "Nahi, idiot, palak ki nahi, methi ki sabji thi....theek se dekh!"
    The kind of ads they churn out these days is ridiculous. I mean, look at this one....some guy is sitting and having his burger or whatever, when he gets a shooting pain in his teeth  and as he screams in pain Kareena Kapoor bursts onto the …

Obsessively compulsive...

Today has been a very tiring day.For the third time since morning my pet dog is in the mood for some fun, which includes jumping and rolling on the bed, throwing the pillows on the floor and watching me run out of patience! No, I don't run out of patience because he is rolling on the bed, but because the pillows and cushions that I had arranged so well and at particular angles are all on the floor or strewn all over the bed. I can see the mischievous smile in his big,brown eyes and my heart melts. But, my mind is simply unable to take in the scene. The bed cover is also  messed up and it now has wrinkles on it!! Aah! All that hard work has gone to the dogs.....literally! But, for the sake of my little guy, I smile and tickle his tummy and get the sloppiest kiss ever! I then shoo him off the bed and get back to getting the bed in order....all over again...for the third time in two hours!
      Things in my house need to be in order....ORDER. And at particular ang…

My second blogging award....THE QUINTET OF RADIANCE AWARD.

Hi friends....I am so happy to share this wonderful news with you all...Swathi Shenoy of Flightless Bird Thoughtful Wings, a fellow blogger, has nominated me for the Quintet of Radiance award for blogging. Thank you, Swathi! It is really an honour and a matter of pride for me. This is the second award a fellow blogger has nominated me for....I hadn't imagined such a moment so soon as a blogger!

Here are the rules:

Display the logo in the post.
Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.
Using the alphabets describe yourself in a word or a phrase.
Nominate at least a few bloggers.

Describing myself:

A - Artistic
B - Bashful
C - Caring
D - Down to earth
E - Energetic
F - Friend for life
G - Gentle
H - Homebody
I - Idealist
J - Judicious
K - Keen listener
L - Loving
M - Motherly
N - Noble
O - Obedient
P - Polite
Q - Quiet
R - Reader
S - Shy
T - Touchy
U - Understanding
V - Vegetarian
W - Wary
X - Xtremely moody
Y - Yearning to realise my dreams
Z - Zealous ( read…

FRIDAY FICTIONEERS.......Crazy love.

It was a 500 year old castle, but despite it's antiquity, it had a fresh feel to true love that never wilts. The magnificent structure was, of course, run down as were the statues that dotted the estate. So, what was it that pulled the crowds? Was it the love with which the king had built this castle for his beloved queen....queens? Yes, there were three of them in there.
      "You romantic, old fellow!" chuckled Jeremy. "That's  a common thread we share!! Wish I could buy the place and bury the girls next to the queens.." he sighed.