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My guide.

It will soon be a year since I started writing.  That makes me just a year-old writer. An amateur. A secret I would like to share here, unabashedly. As I began to make my writing public, and as my friends began to praise me for my newly developed talent, I began to think of myself as some big shot writer! God, how I cringe at those memories! But, it has been my good fortune that I met a writer/blogger who brought me down to the ground and  changed  how I viewed my writing! And, it is solely because of this person that my writing underwent some drastic changes, or should I say improvements, for which I am ever so grateful to him! I happened to read a blog of another prolific writer wherein she mentioned her 'mentor' who, I guessed, had a lion's share in refining her writing skills and I thought to myself that I, too, have a 'mentor,' a guide, who has been instrumental in fine-tuning my writing skills to a large extent. Of course, there is still a huge scope for impr…

The devil's workshop.

This week's word: Confusion.

She parts the heavy curtains ever so slightly and peers through the darkened window-pane; is he out there trying to get a glimpse of her?

             Yes, there he is; that man with those creepy looking eyes  sits in the balcony facing her room and stares fixedly at her- leering, gawking, planning his next move.

             She lets out a scream and then flings open the curtain, showering him with an outburst of profanities, even as he now looks away and turns his back to her.

             Her heaving chest now trembles with fear and confusion; is he hiding and bidding his time till she is home alone?

She now walks from room to room, rambling about all those wicked men out to get her, like  a pack of wolves trying to pounce on a hapless prey; the hallucinations  have snuffed the light out of her life, leaving behind a weathered bundle of skin and bones battling  the demons that play havoc with her frail mind.

[Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction…

The old heart.

Her tired  old  knees groaned under her weight as she took each step  trudging around in the favourite corner of her heart.

              This was the tiny corner  that treasured the most precious memories of those  moments of boundless  love she had felt for him. And they were still fresh after all the wear and tear  her heart had been through: his deep baritone, his mellifluous laughter, his gentle rebukes that amused her so!

        She sighed and looked at the sky.
        Had she ever haunted him in his thoughts, like he had?
         Would  she  ever see him,
                   before she breathed her last?

Word count: 101 words.


Duplicity: Chapter 4

The name of my team is Writers' Express.

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                Life had returned to normal after the few days of panic that Roohi’s health had caused. Cyrus was still with the Duttas and after all that he had done for Roohi, Tara had mellowed down and accepted him as a part of her family. She had begun to trust him and the initial apprehension had given way to some warmth she felt for Cyrus. Though at times, the old doubts did nag her forcing her to take a step back and be wary of this weird human being all over again.
           It was one late afternoon when Tara had left office to run some errands that something happened that renewed her opinions about Cyrus and drasti…

The man in the mirror.

Janet hummed a tune as she applied her make-up.  She pouted sexily at the mirror, enticing the imaginary Adonis with a naughty wink of her mascaraed eye.       "Would this do the trick tonight?" she asked him huskily, curling  her cherry-red lips in a seductive smile.       A  cool breeze blew the lace curtain and jingled the chimes distracting Janet for a moment; it sure was a romantic night!      "Wish I meet him at least tonight", she sighed.
     "You most definitely will, my darling!" his voice resonated the room.
      Her lipstick dropped to the floor and she stood rooted to the spot. 

Word Count: 100 words. 

The heartbreak kid.

Shailaja V is hosting a weekly blogging challenge From 15 to 50: Fiction Link Up- September 2014 and I am participating in it. It sure is going to be quite a challenge considering I have not expressed myself in either 15 or 50 words till date! Nevertheless, I am going to do my best and leave the rest to Shailaja! 

I did it again; fell in love, tried reaching for the stars, but fell flat on my face with a thud! Suffering a heartbreak third time in a row ought to teach me a lesson for life.         But, I am sure history will repeat itself, all over again.          Hope persists.
Word count: 50                                                          --------------------------------------- The prompts this month:
Phrase Prompt: ‘Three in a row’


From 15 to 50: Fiction Link Up- September 2014

My girl.

"When will you be back?" she asked, her fingers gripping the phone, every word dripping with nervousness. 
     Spending the night alone at home was a scary prospect for my girl and 'he' had done it again:  decided to spend his time with his buddies instead of being here, for her; that inconsiderate bloke!
     The feeble "Okay" told me he would not be home for a couple of days, or more; I could sense the trepidation in her voice, the edginess in her nerves.
     With a heavy heart, she wound up for the day, and just as she climbed into the bed the current went off enveloping her in a frightening darkness!
     "I am here for you, sweetheart," I whispered  as I climbed in next to my girl to offer her my warm body to snuggle up to; her sigh of relief told me I knew my girl as well as the back of my paw.

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[Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction - Darkness

The escapist.

Pia sat by the bonfire, hugging her knees tight against her pounding heart; the run on the beach had been invigorating indeed!    The crackling of the fire and the chirping of the crickets were the only sounds she heard. She inhaled a lungful of the cool breeze  and looked up at the million twinkling stars that had come out of their blankets. Sleep had long since deserted her; but that was not her worry tonight. In fact, there were no worries tonight.        Tonight there was peace in Pia's 'world' - her secret haven away, far away from her madding crowd.
99 words.This post is part of FRIDAY FICTIONEERS by ROCHELLEWISOFF.