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The awesome twosome.

    The young man had been waiting for quite some time now. The venue, the time, had all been decided.  He breathed deeply; it was their first meeting.

           They had met nearly a decade ago, through the social media. The young man, an old-timer and the older one, a newbie!  But, they had connected instantly, commenting on each other's works, critiquing, encouraging and pushing each other to do their best.

          Presently, the old man beamed at his young friend with pride as he held the latter's  new book in his wrinkled palm. 

          "For you, old man, with love", he had signed.

Word count: 100



Happiness is childhood,
with Sundays on the beach,
building castles in the air,
      and, a few in the sand, too!
Where sun rays kissed 
the  tanned nose, 
and the waves -- the muddy toes.
The ocean, the breeze,
the tiny pink shells...

Wish I could have 
a piece of that happiness!

50 words.
Linking this to the Fiction Challenge ‘From 15 to 50′

The dawn.

[Lillie McFerrin Writes] Five Sentence Fiction - Horizon

                 The midnight blue begins to lighten, making way for the morning hues to colour the sky in anticipation of the King's arrival.

                  The glittering diamonds, too, begin crawling back into their hiding places; they know they stand to lose their sparkle amid HIS dazzle.

                 The moon, now a shade of rust,  makes her way to her nest, glad to be relieved of her duties of illuminating  the sleepy world with her soft, milky glow.

                 The sky, now in  hues of pink and orange,  announces  HIS arrival; the birds, not to be left behind in this grand reception, begin their orchestra, chirping, twittering, singing, the most melodious of songs, ever.

               Finally, HE arrives, in all his shining splendour, in robes of orange, red and gold, which will be changed as per HIS whims and fancies, brightening up the horizon, bringing light and life to the world; behold, his majesty,…

The BFF therapy.

Yesterday, I had the most fulfilling time in the past couple of months. I met my best friend. And as it goes with best friends, she is one with whom I can simply let my hair down, and also my guard! It is human nature to portray ourselves as someone we are, actually, not. But, there are some  people in our lives with whom there is no need, whatsoever, to hide beneath a mask. And, our best friends are the only people that come under this category. And because these people make my life beautiful, I simply had to write about them!
         There are two such girls who fall into the above category. One, with whom I have grown up, lives in the US of A. We HAVE to write to each other everyday. Our respective spouses wonder what it is that we so need to discuss on a daily basis. Although I am very grateful to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg for bringing the world closer, I rue the fact that I cannot meet Pri as often as we did when we were kids. You are being sorely missed, Pri. But, I am ha…

Hunger games.

   The banana leaf with the heaped rice had failed to interest the crows for whom it had been placed there; belief said that it was food for  the dear, departed souls that now resided within the birds.

                The sun had reached the horizon, but, the food still remained untouched.

                The two pairs of sunken eyes that had fixed their gaze on the now-drying grains of rice had turned red and tired, even as ants and flies now threatened to raid their meal.

               Their innocent minds debated with their rumbling bellies whether to make a move or stay put, lest they get beaten up for stealing food meant for the angels.

              Did angels really need all that food? wondered the little minds as they crept forward, throwing caution to the wind; finally, hunger won.

*NOTE: According to Hindu belief, food is offered to the departed souls on their death or their death anniversary. They  visit in the form of the crow. If the crow eats the food it is believed that the…