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Hope not.

                  "I asked mother if I needed to add some sugar to it; I knew she was watching over my shoulder. How could I go wrong with her favourite recipe? So, I added a bit of sugar, and some more salt, and tasted it. And, it had turned out perfect! I was over the moon!  I prepared it for the first time in my life, and I got it right! Just the way it turned out, when she made it last!"

                  "Why do you underrate your culinary skills? I always told you, you were good!"

                  "I am not good. I am 'okay'. But, these last few days, since I have begun preparing mother's specialities -- with a lot of trepidation, mind you -- and, since they have been turning out pretty good. my confidence seems to be returning. And, I make it a point to ask her if I have missed out on anything, or, if something needs to be added."

                  "What is it that you are trying to say, now?"

                  "All I am trying to say is, that mother is here. She is somewhere around us. Last night, I heard the jingle of her bangles. And, I don't wear any bangles, do I? In fact, every night, I hear the cookie jar being opened and shut. Remember, she would have a couple of those after dinner, before going to bed? 

                  "There is no such thing, Shilpa. It is just your mind, playing tricks on you. Get over it."

                  "Oh, but, how can I? The cookie jar, that I keep in the cabinet. Well, I found it on the kitchen counter, when I went to have a glass of water last night! And, you were not even home! And, I don't eat those cookies!"


Wordy Wednesday.
This week's sentence prompt: What is it that I really want to say.

Note: I realise I should have added this note when I published the post. But, better late than never!
I lost my mother in law a month ago. Since then, I have been experiencing 'things', that may be my imagination - considering, I was with her 24X7, all these years - or, may be real. The above conversation (except for the last line) actually took place between me and hubby, after I tried one of my mum in law's recipes. And, let me tell you, every time I pray to her and prepare her recipes, they turn out perfect! She sure is looking out for us!
The title, 'Hope not', is actually for the last line, as it seems very scary. 


  1. Shilpa this very interesting !!

  2. I find this post very touching. There are so many things around us that are best left unexplained :)

  3. Ooh, love this post Shilpa! Such a wonderful take on the prompt! Thanks for sharing! :) ...hmmm, I wonder if I will be raiding the cookie jar after I'm dead! ;) <3

  4. Beautiful story! My heart skipped a beat.

  5. That is a mystery! ☺ How nice to be able to pass recipes from mother to daughter - in a way, mother is immortal through them, yes?

  6. Visiting from the other side. I do believe our loved ones do that. Very sweet post.

  7. OOH! I like how you are experimenting with the supernatural here, Shilpa. Way to step outside the comfort zone :)

  8. are surely connected in ways we cannot fully understand. A lovely hopeful post, but I got the idea from the title that it was going to be

  9. Thank you, all, for liking this post. As I said, it was a completely personal experience that I put down in my blog. Am trying to come to terms with life and death and the 'after life', which does show its presence from time to time.

  10. Interesting take on the post...sometimes these little things become cherished memories in the future :)


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