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Trust. It means, a firm belief in the reliability, truth or the ability of someone or something.

            A tiny word with a lot of weight, and  a lot of meaning, which in turn puts a lot of responsibility on that little word. Confused? Well,  it does confuse.
           It leaves me perplexed as to how, we  place  our trust in someone whom we have never met, nor foresee the possibility of meeting, ever.  How, we entrust someone, living miles away,  with our deepest, darkest secrets, to be guarded till the end of time. How, we believe in the wisdom, the discretion, of people we have not  known for the  better part of our lives.

           So, what makes us trust  such a 'someone', such  a stranger?  And, what -- despite this 'strangeness', despite the huge physical distance separating us -- brings about  a bond, making them an integral part of our lives?
         Human psychology, that makes us reveal our good sides in sheer desperation to gain sympath…


Life has changed a lot. Life keeps changing. But, will it be too selfish, to not want this change in certain aspects of my life?  Chikoo, for instance. I wish life hadn't changed for him. As I look at him now, calmer, quieter, slower in movements, I wish he had stayed that hyperactive, rambunctious little fellow he was until some years back.

                His leaps, his long jumps, would leave the entire house shaken, like an earthquake. The moment he would hear the horn of our car, and I would say,"wait, let me see if it's dad,"  he would go dashing ahead of me and leap onto the bed, to look out of the window. And, if it was indeed his dad's car, he would make an about- turn,  jump off the bed and go bounding towards the door, to keep howling till I opened it, to let him out. Utter chaos would follow till the moment his dad stepped inside the house. And, then there would be another round of jumping in the air, to attract dad's attention, an…

The heart break.

The entire day has passed by, and I have not moved a muscle. I have been sitting here all day, awaiting 'his' arrival.  I know he will be here. He always does. In the past few years that we have been together, not a day has passed by, when he has not graced me with his presence. But, today, there is a restlessness that I have been feeling since the past few hours. 
What must be the reason? I wonder, when out of the corner of my eyes, I see him approaching. My heart skips a beat; I forget to breathe. I smile coyly, as my eyes take him in. Oh, how I missed him! Where had he been all this time? No. I won't hold grudges. He has been late, by just some hours. Must have been held up somewhere. 
My entire being comes alive, as his feet carry him near me. I blush. I flush, in the darkest shade of pink, and lower my eyelashes as the distance lessens between us. And, as I look up at him, with love oozing from my eyes, he passes me by. I am taken aback! "Hey! I am here, sweetie!&q…

Down memory lane.

     Last night, as I lay in bed, beckoning my beauty sleep to rest awhile under my eyelids, a long forgotten nursery rhyme came to my mind. I know not how, but I felt I heard the words loud and clear, in the silence of the night! And, instantly, I was transported to my childhood, where I sat with my nursery rhyme book open in my lap, gawking at my dad, who was reciting the rhymes with much gusto. The rhyme, which even as I write this post, plays in my mind, goes like this...

                                    Multiplication is vexation,
                                    Division is as bad;
                                    The Rule of Three perplexes me,
                                    And fractions drive me mad.

         It has been more than 40 years, since I heard these lines being recited by dad, but I still remember the tune to which dad had set the rhyme. And, I vividly remember, he would emphasise on the last word, MAD, stretching it so, it left me awestruck! I think, he p…

Lucky me!

                Couple days ago, I found myself down in the dumps. Figuratively, of course. Some words, spoken by a loved one,  hurt me badly. They may not have been uttered with an intention to hurt. Also, I may have been in a bad state of mind, for, I ended up bruised. It may have been the doings of my crazy hormones, that seem to be playing havoc with my mind, of late. Now, here is something I would like to ask my girlfriends, who have been through the forties, been there, done that. Do hormones really do that to you? At this age? Leave you all emotional, sentimental, extra touchy and vulnerable? 
            It is something that I really want to know. It sure will be a solace knowing I am not alone. Of course, I know I am not alone. Every one goes through this phase. At times, I wonder, am I nearing the big M?!  And, if I am, then, how long do I have to travel through this horrid phase? I really need all the help, the feedback, I can get. Because there are days when things are BAD!

A unique Valentine's Day.

This year, Valentine's Day has been pretty unique for me. Some days ago, I happened to chat with a fellow blogger, Cat Graham. She, too, like me, is a member of B-A-R, a blog created by the very talented Shailaja Vishwanath; it's because of her that I could meet so many lovely people and make friends with them! So, as I was saying, Cat and I, we just happened to 'click', instantly! Mostly, because of our love for sketching. So, on her suggestion, we are hosting each other on our blogs, to celebrate this lovely day and mark the beginning of a new friendship. She has been gracious enough to share a couple of her fabulous sketches. And, I must say, she is simply fantastic!         I am also sharing the link to her blog, so that you all can visit her and get to know her.

Here's to a great start. Looking forward to sharing many more posts and sketches by this fine artist! 
In honour of Valentine’s Day, Shilpa and I decided we’d celeb…

Love for all seasons.

Shalini  sat at her dressing table, surveying the changes her face had undergone during the five odd decades of her life.  She tucked back a tuft of greys as her eyes fixed on the laugh lines. They had become quite prominent in the past few years. "But, they are laugh lines, Shalini. And, that means you laugh a lot! Don't you now, Professor?" Vipul had chuckled, making her blush a deep red.
                Dr. Vipul Mehra, her dentist, who had seemed quite frosty initially, had soon warmed up to her  and become an integral part of her life; a support system she had lacked all these years. A lonely soul, who had lost his wife to cancer, Vipul had charmed Shalini with his wit and humour. She had experienced unbridled joy after so long!
               Life with Vinod, her husband, had been a happy one till the   horrifying accident, which had snuffed out that happiness in one single stroke. She had laboured night and day to bring up their only daughter, J…

Valentine's Day!

The ' Day of love'  is fast approaching; I can feel it in the air. Everywhere I go, I see  red and pink hearts, fluttering about gayly, love captions strewn across every billboard, and lovers going all out to make it a special day for their special someones. 14th of February does have a lot of hoopla surrounding it, isn't  it? However, not all find it amusing. Hubby, for instance, finds it ridiculous, that you express your love on just one day of the year, and spend the rest of the year exchanging blows! Aargh! Every year, I wish him early in the morning, "Happy Valentine's day!" and what do I get in return? A mocking look in the eyes and a derisive shake of the head. 
             I ignore it. I ignore it every year, as it is the day of love. I don't want to get into a fight on this day! But, the man isn't that bad! I clearly remember,  one V Day, aeons ago, when I had complained for the umpteenth time how unromantic he was, he got me a unique gift to…


They walk side by side, sharing a chemistry that only comes with a long period of togetherness. Surprisingly, their's is a new found friendship. May be a month old. But,the camaraderie  is there for all to see. Every morning, she stands at the other end of a narrow bridge, eagerly awaiting his arrival. I really admire her patience and her perseverance, as her eyes search the exact spot from where he will make an appearance. And, the ecstasy that bounces off her entire being at having finally spotted him, must surely be the most beautiful sight to see!
                They meet and greet each other with much love and warmth, and begin their walk. She being the younger and the energetic of the two, flits about excitedly. And, he, an old timer, takes his time,as he puts one leg after the other. The understanding she shows for his unhurried pace, speaks volumes about her loving and caring nature. In fact, her face is a picture of warmth and tenderness, which she showers on everyone she…

Never-ending needs.

                 Every time I dress up to attend a function, or a formal occasion, I look at the spouse from the corner of my eyes, to look for a hint of admiration in his discerning eyes. But, sadly, all I see, is him, admiring himself in the mirror, without so much as a glance thrown in my direction! Being a housewife, chances of me getting all decked up, are few and far between; thus, the curiosity, the eagerness to receive compliments, rises at such times. As much as I know, that it is donkey's years since the man has been living with me, and therefore finds nothing new or exciting, I crave to see that look which, once upon a time, gave me goose pimples, and set my heart racing. 
              This need for approval also worms it's way into my hungry mind, when I try a new recipe, or sketch a portrait, or even, when I write a post that gets appreciated by fellow bloggers. Of course, the reaction is as lukewarm as always. Sigh! But,why is it, that we yearn for that one look,…

A lazy afternoon.

 We lie sprawled on our huge bed, just the two of us, enjoying a lazy Sunday siesta. Arms entwined, his moustache tickling my neck, his breath warm against my ear; wish these moments weren't so rare. I bask in the warmth that exudes through every pore of his body. How I wish time stopped in its tracks! But, that is not to be. 
             Its nearly 4, and there is laundry to be taken care of, of all the things! I let out a sigh and stretch my stiff body, trying to waken it from its slumber party. The movement stirs him and he holds me down, mumbling something about not leaving him alone. Oh! My heart aches, and my mind refuses to obey  my body, which now wants to get off the bed, and get into some action. 
           I promise to be back in a jiffy. He tightens his grip on my hand and begs me to forget the work, forget the world, and stay with him. But, a tight hug and a big kiss helps me get my way!

           His eyes follow me everywhere I go; as I do the laundry, as I fold the …