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New age shopping.

"I have nothing to wear!" I exclaimed, as I stood facing  my wardrobe, inspecting the heap of outfits I had grown bored of. Hubby sat on a settee behind me, with a book in hand, pretending to be deeply engrossed in it. Exasperated at his ignorance, I snatched the book from his hands and tossed it aside.
"I said, I have nothing to wear for the party next week! When are you going to find some time for your wife? Take her shopping? You just don't care about me anymore!" I went on with my barrage, as hubby sat silently, watching me with an amused look in his naughty eyes. Finally, when he could take it no more, he spoke.
"Have you finished? May I say something now? What were you dreaming about when I proposed a shopping trip last week? And, now,you very well know how busy I am going to be the next few days, don't you? So, why don't you go by yourself?  Take my credit card, and go splurge! Splurge to your heart's content, wifey!"


The get-together had been planned a couple months in advance. It would be held at my place, where there would be just us girls ( hubby being  lovingly packed off on a weekend getaway  with his buddies). All of my seven girlfriends would set up camp at my place for two entire days. There would be food, music, gossip and laughter. Lots of laughter. Ah! Bliss!
             Frankly, such days are so rare, when we girls  get an opportunity to let our hair down, and simply forget the world. How we were looking forward to it! And, to top it all, we would not be toiling away in the kitchen, sweating it out, while the world enjoyed outdoors. What is takeaway for?  Two of the girls had decided on the menu, again, couple months in advance!
             There would be Chinese, and there would be Thai, and last, but not the least, there would be PIZZA - the all-time favourite of every person in our group. We had been drooling over the menu  since the day it was decided. K, being…

In search of happiness.

                What does it mean to be happy- unconditionally happy - in a life fraught with sadness? And, where do we find the happiness, to cheer us up, motivate us, to keep moving ahead, in spite of the adversities that besiege us? I used to wonder - I still do - as to, how can one be happy, when there is not a single reason in life to be happy about?  I remember, every time I had to face life at its darkest, I would succumb to the despair, to its pressure, and crouch into a shell. Fear writ large on my face, I would lose the will to smile. I looked for reasons to smile, be happy about, but failed to find any. Maybe, I looked in all the wrong places.
              Mother, who has been through some very tough times, would always say, and still does, that we must be happy, always happy, unconditionally happy. The  life that we have been blessed with, is sure to have problems, at some time or the other. And, there is nothing we can do about these problems, except fight…

'We' - ceased.

" I miss you; I  miss us," I whispered, as I sat on the bed, watching him pack his overnight bag.  The three-day long weekend had tempted him and his buddies to take a short trip, "to recharge the batteries," 
"But, what about us? We haven't been anywhere in ages! You are busy all the time, either with your job, or with your friends. Do I even have a place on your priority list?" I asked, and instantly bit my tongue.
"Don't you start that again, now. Don't spoil my mood, okay? Do you even know how I manage everything? Do you have any idea, how much of stress I have to undergo to maintain my position? I am tired, okay? And, I need a break," the last sentence spoken in the cold tone, that said I dare not argue anymore.
                   I kept mum. When was the last time we had taken a break, just the two of us? When was the last we had spent some time with each other? There was hardly any conversation between us anymore. Where were we …

A house of our own.

"I dreamt we bought a house,"  I would tell hubby, every once in a while, knowing fully well that it would lead to an argument.  Residing in a rented apartment  as opposed to buying a house, used to be the topic of argument between us for quite a long time, where he was all for the former, whilst I wanted to have a roof over our heads that we could call our own. But,  didn't the famous writer Mr Coelho say that, when you want something, and wish for it with all your heart, then the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it? Well, that is exactly what happened! We bought a house, our own house!
                 Of course, choosing the right one was a tough job. So many things had to be taken into consideration. Its vicinity, its nearness to my work place, availability of all the local amenities, and of course, the most important one: the loan! But, as I said, the universe was indeed conspiring in making my dream come true. Everything fell into place, just lik…

My dear bro.

The silence was piercing. She stood with her head bowed, her eyes fixed on a spot on the ground. Her chin quivered as the tears began to fall, one by one. I turned to look at him, stunned at the words he had used, the moment he had chosen. I found it hard to believe how cruel he could be! Just when every one of us cousins was having a good time, enjoying the annual get together during the summer vacations, he had gone and ruined it. For her. For my dear little sister.
               I moved towards her, wanting to reach out, wanting to support her, wanting to give him a piece of my mind. How could he? And, all that drama just because of the subjects she had chosen for her graduation? Unbelievable! Was it such a big deal getting into medicine or engineering? It was her choice, her life! What right did he have to ridicule her for her choices? He sniggered, wanting to activate a chain reaction from all those gathered around. As expected, a snicker escaped his son's lips. I glowered at…

You've got mail.

A week ago, hubby gifted me a new phone so that I could install the latest communication application, Whatsapp. Yeah, my old IPhone could not install this most loved app for free! I cringe in embarrassment as I mention that I gave away my dear IPhone just to bring into my life an entity that has proved to be a pain in the neck, head, ear, you name it. Yeah, there are times when I look forward to getting pinged by  friends and reading their messages or some inane jokes. But, the happiness is short lived. How long does it take to read a one-line message made up of abbreviations and emoticons?  At such times, I remember our old, out-dated form of communication -- the letter, sent and received via the humble postal services.
            Some days back, my friend Shailaja also spoke about it and sowed the seed of letter-writing in my mind. It brought about a flurry of memories of my adolescent life, when everyday on returning from college, I would check the mail-box for a l…