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In search of happiness.

                What does it mean to be happy- unconditionally happy - in a life fraught with sadness? And, where do we find the happiness, to cheer us up, motivate us, to keep moving ahead, in spite of the adversities that besiege us? I used to wonder - I still do - as to, how can one be happy, when there is not a single reason in life to be happy about?  I remember, every time I had to face life at its darkest, I would succumb to the despair, to its pressure, and crouch into a shell. Fear writ large on my face, I would lose the will to smile. I looked for reasons to smile, be happy about, but failed to find any. Maybe, I looked in all the wrong places.
              Mother, who has been through some very tough times, would always say, and still does, that we must be happy, always happy, unconditionally happy. The  life that we have been blessed with, is sure to have problems, at some time or the other. And, there is nothing we can do about these problems, except fight them with all our might. But, at the same time, we ought to be thankful for all that we have, and, well, be happy! Things could have been worst!
            And, pray tell me, where do we find this happiness, when all around us the problems of life lie, magnified to scary proportions? Pat comes the reply,"Honey, happiness is that tiny cloud, which shields us from the scorching sun rays, giving us a few moments of respite, to stop and breathe, before we resume fighting our battles!  You really don't need to look far and wide for that tiny cloud. It's right there, in front of you, in the simple things that you so conveniently ignore!"

         Now, as I reflect upon mother's words, I laugh at my ignorance and smile at the array of joys that I have been blessed with, that have the power to fill my life with happiness, giving me respite, 'a chance to breathe, before I resume fighting  my battles.'  How stupid could I have been, to turn a blind eye to these simple joys that have the potential to give me immense happiness !   Yes, simple joys. Nothing complicated, nothing too frilly, just plain and simple...the things that actually fill up our lives with happiness, but, which we are pathetically ignorant about.
         Cliched as it may sound, but, I find utmost happiness in doing something for somebody. Giving my time to my family and  my friends, makes my day! Their happy smile says it all.
         Spending hours, reading old, hand written letters, which I exchanged with cousins and pen pals, all those years ago, takes my mind away from issues that bother me no end. The innocence and the charm of adolescence has long since lost, but, it's memories fill me with happiness every time I bring out that yellowed  bundle of my teenage scrawls.
          Making a call at mum's, and hearing her voice (which is exactly what I wanted to hear) takes away half the pain. Her comforting words,  which act as a balm on my frazzled nerves,  give me incomparable happiness, cheering me up instantly.
          A surprise phone call from my bestie, followed by a long heart to heart chat, can lift up my spirits, like no other spirit can!
          When Chikoo, my pet dog (and my constant source of happiness) with his large chocolate brown eyes and a tilt of his head to a side, asks me,"hey girl, what is it that bothers?" I melt! A walk with him in the cool evening breeze, to the accompaniment of nature's orchestra, clears up my mind, leaving me in a happier mood.
         Opening the refrigerator, and finding a lone bar of chocolate (and no one around to share it with!) gives me happiness!
         Hubby, returning from grocery shopping (yes!), and bringing along a chilled bottle of my favourite fizzy drink...that gives me happiness!
          Simple, aren't these? But, with a lot of potential, to put back the smile on my face, the spring in my step, cheering me on, to face those little hurdles and surge ahead with renewed zest!



  1. Hi Shilpa

    I couldn't find your email address anywhere on the website..
    Are you interested in doing a sponsored post ? Do let me know if interetsed :)

    You can contact me through google or my twitter handle is @indianscrewup

  2. Can relate to all the happy little things you have mentioned. True, it is these small and simple things that add so much happiness in our life.

  3. Beautifully written. These are small things that make us happy.

    1. Thank you, Vishal!
      Yes, it is the small things that give us true happiness. I wish I had realised it earlier. But, guess, better late than never! :))


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