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New age shopping.

                "I have nothing to wear!" I exclaimed, as I stood facing  my wardrobe, inspecting the heap of outfits I had grown bored of. Hubby sat on a settee behind me, with a book in hand, pretending to be deeply engrossed in it. Exasperated at his ignorance, I snatched the book from his hands and tossed it aside.
              "I said, I have nothing to wear for the party next week! When are you going to find some time for your wife? Take her shopping? You just don't care about me anymore!" I went on with my barrage, as hubby sat silently, watching me with an amused look in his naughty eyes. Finally, when he could take it no more, he spoke.
             "Have you finished? May I say something now? What were you dreaming about when I proposed a shopping trip last week? And, now,you very well know how busy I am going to be the next few days, don't you? So, why don't you go by yourself?  Take my credit card, and go splurge! Splurge to your heart's content, wifey!" he tried to flirt, forcing a smile on my lips. The idea did seem tempting. I mean, it's not every day that  hubby can be in such a good mood, so as to hand over his credit card and ask me to go wild!  But, then, one look outdoors and my  enthusiasm evaporated.
           I pointed at the sky and made a face, wincing at the sweltering heat. How could anybody think about going shopping in that heat? Pat came the reply from my quick-witted partner, " Why do you need to travel out there for your shopping, when you can get it all done from the cool comforts of your own home? Haven't you heard about shopping from home? Online shopping? Duh!"
            I smiled sheepishly and blushed! I really hadn't given that a thought. How foolish of me! As I sat there, lost in thoughts, hubby came up with some more helpful ideas about shopping at the  online megastore, Flipkart, his favourite  shopping destination. He also began telling me  about the fabulous  27coupons,  a coupons and deals distribution platform, which catered to Flipkart. That meant discounts on a variety of items, right from men and women's apparel, to accessories, to books, you name it!
          I was on cloud nine!  Just imagining going crazy in this new 'mall' gave me a high. My mind was made. The next day, with hubby  at the office and the house to myself,  I would switch on the AC, recline on my bed and go shopping! I quickly began preparing my shopping list. It would definitely consist of stuff to be bought just for myself. For once,  I would be totally  selfish. Umm, maybe, I would gift hubby a watch, to thank him for his tremendous help and his amazing ideas.
         The discount coupons would mean an opportunity to shop more, or, shop till I drop! And, shopping online would mean freedom from lugging heavy shopping bags from place to place. My cargo would be delivered at my door step,  flawlessly, and in record time,  to be flaunted at the party! Oh! Is this what he meant by that 'shopping trip'? Aww, isn't he such a darling?


  1. Now, I suddenly feel like someone just picked up a scene out of my household and put it into a blog post. So it's quite similar everywhere, eh ? ;) :P

    1. Haha! Yes, Sid, it's the same story everywhere! :)

  2. What an adorable hubby :D online shopping indeed is so easy... so sweat, no carrying heavy bags :)

    1. True, Raj, it is an amazing experience! :)

  3. I stopped by looking for an A to Z post. I'll check back in a few days.

    2015 A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Matthew MacNish from The QQQE

    1. So sorry, Mathew. I am not participating in the Challenge this year. Next year for sure.

  4. What fun, Shilpa! Hope you enjoyed your online shopping trip and just think, no overheating or sore feet. That's the way to do it. So what's Flipkart? Is it only in India? I must check it out.

    1. Yes, Cat, I had fun! In fact, I went berserk! You must try it, too.

  5. Ahhh..the joys of online shopping..

    1. Yes! An experience a lot better than window shopping! :-)


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