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'We' - ceased.

                     " I miss you; I  miss us," I whispered, as I sat on the bed, watching him pack his overnight bag.  The three-day long weekend had tempted him and his buddies to take a short trip, "to recharge the batteries," 
                    "But, what about us? We haven't been anywhere in ages! You are busy all the time, either with your job, or with your friends. Do I even have a place on your priority list?" I asked, and instantly bit my tongue.
                    "Don't you start that again, now. Don't spoil my mood, okay? Do you even know how I manage everything? Do you have any idea, how much of stress I have to undergo to maintain my position? I am tired, okay? And, I need a break," the last sentence spoken in the cold tone, that said I dare not argue anymore.
                   I kept mum. When was the last time we had taken a break, just the two of us? When was the last we had spent some time with each other? There was hardly any conversation between us anymore. Where were we heading? I had tried my best to adjust to him, to life with him, but, now I could feel myself failing, miserably. Did we even have a future together? There was really no point talking about it right now, or any other time, for that matter. How he hated discussing these things! Life, for him, was a business contract, where there was no place for emotions. Just his luck,  that  he had a wife, who invested emotions in everything she did, every relation she had!
               Every time I tried asking him for some time - for some of his precious time - I was met with the usual: I am busy. I have meetings. My friends grumble they don't get to meet me as often. I am tired. I am stressed out. I have problems at work. I am not in the mood. I am bored.  Every thing revolved around the 'I'. Did 'we' even exist?
             He zipped his bag shut, took one exasperated look at me, and walked out of the bedroom. I stayed on the bed, exhausted, drained of any emotions. Drained by the sacrifices, the adjustments, the loneliness.  Never had I imagined our life turning out like this; my life-partner, letting go of the hand he had promised to hold, for the rest of his life. But then, never had I ever realised, that everyone is self-centred; it's just the radius that differs.
            I lay down on my bed, lost in thoughts. The tick-tock of the clock, the whirring of the air conditioner, the outdoor noise, all keeping me company, as I slowly drifted off to sleep.

The above post has been written for Wordy Wednesday.

This week's prompt: Sentence prompt: Everybody is self-centred; it's just the radius that differs.
This week's prompt comes from blogger-writer and B-A-R member: Shilpa Garg.


  1. Aah! A very realistic story of our times. Loved your take on this prompt, Shilpa.

    1. Thank you, Shilpa! At first, I wondered how I would write on such a tough looking prompt! :) But, thankfully, I managed!

  2. This was an excellent take on the most common problem of the world. Good work, Shilpa :)

    1. Yes, Soumya. It is the most common problem, with no solution in sight! :(

  3. A true-to-life story on such a take: well done Shilpa! :) You could have ended it at the sentence prompt just as well! <3

    1. Thanks Elly! Yes, initially, I did end it at the sentence prompt, but, then got tempted to add the last sentence, to show the loneliness in her life. :)

  4. Some people never grow up and take responsibility, lovely post. I adore the paw prints wallpaper :)

  5. That's so sad. I wonder what state she might be in. Loneliness is indeed worst of all feelings!

    1. True, Nibhz. It sure is painful!
      Thank you, for visiting!

  6. A very realistic story Shilpa :) Wonder how she coped with the situation!

    1. Thank you, Swathi!
      She just learned to cope with it, the way everyone does..learn to live with situations!


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