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My favourites.

We all have, don't we?  Favourites - books, clothes, movies, actors, writers, bloggers...the list goes on. We have a soft corner for these favourites. And,if they happen to be our favourite people, then anything they do, how ever they do it, we appreciate them, admire them. We become their die-hard fans. And, they, our idols.  It's as if, they can do no wrong!

                      Since stepping into the world of blogging, I have met some amazing people, who are not just great writers, but wonderful human beings, as well. Interacting with them, reading and learning from their work and receiving their guidance, has made these bloggers my favourites.  I have become quite partial towards these people, for whom there is a special place in my heart.  I consider every post of their's a masterpiece (which they may never agree, but I am not paying any heed!)

Pawan Hegde, the first blogger, who really admired my writing (wonder what he felt worth admirable t…

My Encyclopaedia, my Google - my Mum!

Life, today, has become pretty easy for us humans, thanks to computers! I mean, life is tough, but when it comes to finding information on how to fight the various battles in our life, all it takes is a single click, and, Voila! we have an answer, with countless options, ready to help us out of our mess! Or so, we think. But, way back, when this Big C wasn't invented, we had another, much more reliable source of information, which guaranteed a clean rescue from our problems, and that was (and is even now) our mother!

               Really, today, when I look back, I realise, what a treasure trove of knowledge my mother has been! She has an answer to each and every question; and a logical one, at that.  I really wonder, how she could gather and process all that information and supply it so efficiently, as and when required! I have read somewhere, that every new generation comes  blessed with more grey matter than the previous one. But, when I think about my moth…