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Quote of the day.

"They never talk about themselves, but listen to you while you talk about yourself and keep up an appearance of being interested in the conversation." 
   Jerome K. Jerome.

         This quote brought a big smile to my face! It brought to my mind my shared moments with Chikoo; times, when he plants himself in the kitchen door, and keeps me company  as I go about my chores. Sitting  there in his favourite spot,  he stares at me unblinkingly, listens to me intently as I pour out my 'feelings'. At times, my clamouring thoughts keep me mum.  But, at times, when I am in a chatty mood, I let myself go!
          I tell him about this and that, about our world in general, and my world in particular.  At times, I complain about things that bother me,  about how his dad has no time for us, about life being pretty unfair.  And at others, I rue the fact that time flew by so fast, I couldn't enjoy his puppyhood as much as I should have.
       And, all this while, as I go on …

Quote of the day.

I read a post by my friend, Shailaja, (you may read it here), and was inspired to pick a quote out of the many that have left a mark on my mind. I have come across many a quotes, which inspire, motivate, teach us a valuable lesson in times of need. Here is one such, which I read today, and which actually opened my eyes. It just popped up on my screen, as if it was sent just for me! Read on..I hope it does the same for you! 

                    Life can get lonely at times. As much as I treasure my space, my solitude, there are times, when I crave company. And, it is precisely at such times, that I find myself alone. And, it is at such times, that I go seeking people.  No, I don't find it embarrassing sharing such very personal stuff about myself, because I am human. And, I am sure, there are countless like me around, sailing in the same boat.
              We do make life miserable for ourselves.  We hand over the reins of our happiness to someone who, for all we know, might throw…

A love letter.

                   Dearly beloved, 


                               Another letter!  I know, it's the first thing you will say (and roll your eyes at) when you open the envelop. Call me outdated, old fashioned,  whatever you like. But, well, that's how I am! And, you are stuck with me for life, so you might as well get used to it, dude!  

                        So, what's up? You home from work? Did you have your chilled coffee? Good. Now, sit back and relax and read on. Ah! Okay, so I AM getting used to this place, with it's myriad sights and smells. And, as you said, the people are a bit too friendly. So, I have made a few friends! Finally! Yes. Surprising, coming from this introvert.  A bit of your attitude did rub off on me, and I am stepping out of my shell, slowly and steadily. So, now, I have a morning-walk partner, a work-ride partner, a library partner, and also a dinner partner. But, there is one partner I miss like crazy. My l…

Let there be change.

Every morning, when I skim through the newspaper, my eyes  search for a particular piece of news, which I actually dread reading: a sexual assault here, a gruesome rape there, the lenient laws of our country which fail to offer hope to the victims, and the accusations that fly thick and fast, landing blows on the victims in the worst periods of their life.  Careless statements like, "it surely must be the woman's fault", or, "she must have been dressed inappropriately", or even, "she behaved in such a way, she asked for it", get thrown around so casually by the heartless public, it embarrasses me no end.  Seriously, do we ask for it?!
           As much as I remember, I did NOT ask for it when I was just 14 years old, decently dressed in a salwar kameez, holding my mother's hand, trying  to enter a crowded ladies compartment of a train, when a male hand, with long, sharp fingernails  groped me, pinched me and disappeared into the crowd,…


I happened to read a quote on Facebook that said,"Inside every person you know, there is a person you don't know." How true is that!  Some times, when we are going through a rough patch, we look at  all the happy faces around us, and long to switch places not knowing if the picture is really as rosy as it appears.  Every person here has a world that we all see, and a world that we don't. Every person here is not the person we really know!
              The lovey-dovey couple, holding hands while walking down the street, or in snapshots of their vacations, may as well be living a loveless life, their marriage on the verge of a breakdown.  The display of affection may be just that - a display, a show put up for the world to notice them and nod its head  in approval and amazement at a life filled with joy. We see the smiles on their faces and feel the pinch, when we find our own lives bereft of that love, that companionship. But, do we look closer, t…

Motherhood - 2.

I have heard so many women say, that they were born to be mothers.  I can see it in their eyes, on their faces - they glow at the mere mention of their children. In fact, I have seen it on every mother's face. Frankly,  I have no words to explain it, but women - mothers - have that look, the know-all-about- kids look, and an overflowing dam of love in those eyes. A look, which I lack. Every time I look into the mirror, I fail to see what I see on their faces, in their eyes. And, then, I deduce that maybe I wasn't born to be a mother. That explains the goosebumps I had, when I witnessed a delivery  couple days ago.
              It was a chance encounter I had, witnessing a new born baby and her mother, being cleaned after the delivery. The scene left me lightheaded. I kept looking away from the mother, and kept looking at the wailing baby, who was trying to hold my finger. And, the first feeling I had was, I sure wouldn't have been able to go through t…