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As Friendship Day draws closer, I think about the numerous friends I have made over the years, and feel grateful for having amassed this treasure. But, more than that, I rue the fact that there have been some friends I have lost along the way due to reasons beyond my control.  For me, my friends mean a lot. They are my world; the priceless gift I have been blessed with. So, whenever I have lost some of these, or parted ways with anyone of these, I have been left broken hearted.
      The worst line I have heard is, that people come into our lives to serve a purpose; some of them leave after they have served that purpose, and others stay with us for the rest of our lives. How terrible that sounds! If people do come into my life and if I forge a bond with them, then I would want them to stay with me till the end of time. Period. I don't want them to serve any purpose other than to fill my life with their love and laughter, and vice versa.
    Today, I really miss a few of …


 "Dad! Hey, dad! Aren't  you forgetting something? Our two-minute, home-coming chat session! Dad? DAD! Hmm. You seem to be in a hurry. As always. But,  it's okay. I will just curl up on the sofa.  And, I have mum here, with me. "
               Mum and I, it's just the two of us at home nowadays. Dad is out, oftener, buying the veggies, or so he says. Each time he steps out, he tells me he is going out to buy some veggies and stuff, and that I should stay at home,  with mum. How much of veggies do these two humans need anyway?! Dad is forever buying those veggies, but I never see any bags in his hands when he returns. Whatever, as long as I don't have to eat all those veggie things,  I am fine with it. 

              Life has changed.  I can see it. I feel it in my bones, sense it in the air.  Now that age has caught up with me, all I do all day is curl up in my favourite spot and reminisce about the days gone by. Gone are those sundays when dad would take me a…

A pleasant surprise.

Life does that. Springs surprises when you are least expecting any. And  you are left baffled, overwhelmed, ecstatic, and, surprised, too! You find it unbelievable that such a thing could happen with you. And, it takes a lot of probing and analysing to finally accept that something this unimaginable could happen to you, too!

              The above emotions are  what I went through when I received a message from the Manager of Baggout that my blog had been selected as one of the 15 best love and relationships blogs in India. I must have read the message 5 times and still found it unbelievable. In fact, I thought someone was playing a prank. I made enquiries, tried finding out all about Baggout and went back to where I was - in a state of utter disbelief! Call it low self esteem if you wish, but I wondered how  anyone could find my one and a half year old blog worthy of any such mention.

        The feeling was  good, nay, great. But, unless I saw it all in black and w…

Health is wealth.

I stand before the mirror and admire myself in the jeans that I bought seven years ago, and blow myself a kiss! It makes me ecstatic to know that I haven't piled on any major number of kilos in the past seven years, or even for that matter, in the past 20 years! I am blessed to be born with a fast metabolism, which ensures that I metabolise the food quicker and don't take any fat from it.  Sadly, though, I wasn't born with this enlightened mind.
            In my youth, I took pride in  this lean frame of mine. However, after I entered holy matrimony and  my body refused to look happy and glowing,   I started getting questioned as to whether my spouse beat me up if I ate an extra morsel? I hit rock bottom. I dreaded meeting people, as I knew their first query on meeting me would be, why I was so thin! So, in the faint hope that gorging on all sorts of fatty food will push up my weight, I began overindulging. But, sadly, the weighing scale failed to show any …

Quote of the day.

Today, I am blending 'Wordy Wednesday' and 'Quote of the day', using a quote I stumbled upon during one of my jaunts to Facebook. Glad to know at least something good comes out of this pastime!

How true it is! Our mind is a garden, considering the amount of ideas we cultivate, which when nurtured, grow and bear fruit.  Our thoughts, which come in every shape and colour, define our personality and take the form of actions exhibiting to the world our intrinsic nature.
              Our thoughts also decide what we make of the life given to us -  whether they encourage us to  utilise our skills to reach our potential,  or lead us astray, wasting all that we have been blessed with. There is this saying, "An empty mind is a devil's workshop."  The thoughts that pass through our vacant  mind can definitely create havoc on our system, bringing about complete destruction of our entire being. Such thoughts are the weeds that can ruin the garden if not uprooted and …