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Here comes the postman!

              Wonder when I last uttered those words!  Eons  ago - I try calculating with my fingers, and give up midway.  And, then, after that long a period of time, I shouted out those words yesterday, though I did shout these out a few times during the past week, but, yesterday I was rewarded for my patience. Thank god, hubby wasn't around. His look of utter ridicule, mingled  with amusement, would have made me cringe, for a reason - hubby could just not fathom out as to  why, in this day and age, when the world communicates via the net, do I have to 'write a letter' to someone and 'mail' it , via snail mail! These were his thoughts, when I handed him a letter to be posted last month.
         "Lord! I will have to stop on my way to work, look for the post-office and then buy those stamps before I post the letter! I will just send it through the courier service at my work place," he said, as he left for work, without waiting for so much as a reaction from me.  Later, during lunch break, when things had cooled a bit, he called to ask what "this business" was all about. And, it was only when I told him about our letter-writing activity at the BAR, did he understand my feelings. 
         It was fun, though - the entire letter writing process. To begin with, my  fingers felt like lead, when I began writing down my thoughts on the paper. Holding the pen itself felt weird! And, the handwriting - uff, I won't even go there! I remember, how beautiful my handwriting was - eons ago. Now, it felt as if I was indulging in the act of writing for the very first time in my life! Pouring my feelings wasn't difficult, as I do it here, as well. The first few sentences 'looked' good, but as I proceeded further, I began to feel like a pre-schooler, attempting to write for the first time, with shaky, unsure hands, worried about the teacher's admonishments at such a bad writing. Add to that, the inability to add the much favoured emoticons. How was I to express my emotions without those cute little helpers?
        What was I to do when I felt like adding an  anecdote, or sharing  a funny thought? I kept on adding the exclamation mark, but then, when I felt I was  going over board, I simply drew a smiley! Ah! What a relief that was! Completing the letter and posting it brought  a child-like enthusiasm, but  waiting to hear from the receiver was an arduous task! Today's e-communication, with its quick response has thoroughly spoilt us. How badly we lack patience, isn't it? Of course, I did feel I would hear from her  soon, as the letter had been sent through a courier service. But, this service has its pitfalls, too, is what I learnt as I waited. 
        Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I not only heard from my receiver-friend, but also received a letter from another blogger friend, who,  from her end, had posted a letter, unbeknownst to me! And, that is when I exclaimed those four magic words,"Here comes the postman!", and got what I had been waiting for! 
        This letter writing activity did teach me a lot. Patience, for one. Secondly, the stories you read about a person miles away,  fills you with awe and admiration. The difficulties they have been through, the moments they go through each day, as they bravely fight the battle called life, fills you with a sense of amazement. There lies a tale hidden behind every face we see, every voice we hear,  made up with its own share of drama, its trials and tribulations. 
      We live our lives, fight our battles and come out heroes in our own eyes, but, when we read, or hear about the battles that another soul has gone through, is going through, we  are left dumbstruck, finding our misfortunes minuscule. I have thus come to admire my pen-friend, and consider myself lucky on having met some phenomenal people like her in the blogosphere. I hope my friendship with these marvellous people stays strong for years to come.
        I would like to end this post by thanking Shailaja - the brain child behind this letter-writing activity, for bringing us in contact with  some truly wonderful people from far and wide. The letter-writing  may take a back seat, but the  effortless e-communication with my new found friends will continue for a long long time! 


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