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Getting home a pet. Part 2

It has been quite some time now, since people in our country have become fascinated about pets. We see varied breeds of dogs and cats, in fact, a varied types of pets. And, most of these are the 'imported ones', who thrive in the cooler climes. Really, do you think that the Indian climate will ever suit a Husky or a Saint Bernard, or a Persian cat, with all that thick fur? And, having such breeds at their homes is what seems to have become a prestige issue!  "Which  breed is that ?" is the first question that pops out when they see someone with a pet.
       Hubby finds it infuriating when people do that. He just snaps back,"My pet has a loving soul within it, and that is what matters to me the most. Have I asked you what caste you belong to?" I cringe when discussions on pets come to this point. Why the importance on breeds, more so, foreign breeds? Our Chikoo is a Labrador, albeit not a thoroughbred. In fact, he resembles the Indian Paria…