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My 'best man'.

Praise, applause, accolade...we humans thrive on it, don't we? We may aver, that we work for ourselves, irrespective of whether our work receives admiration  or no, but, at the end of the day, we do crave for at least a pat on our backs, for all that we do!   It's a  drug that gives us an instant high - this thing called adulation -  raising our morales and  encouraging us to keep moving towards our goal. Right since childhood, when we drew meaningless squiggles and proudly displayed our works of art, we waited for the look of wide-eyed wonder in our parents' eyes and an applause for our efforts.  We do that  in our adult lives, too, secretly hoping for some words of praise for anything it is that we work on.

              However, when we fail to receive any recognition for our efforts, be it at home or at work, our  morale does go for a dip. Well, frankly, mine does! And, being a home maker, all the more so, as homemakers aren't really held in such a …

Through the looking glass.

I stared at the open wardrobe, engulfed in a feeling of numbness.  The sarees, the countless blouses, the innumerable bindi and safety pin packets (some half-used, some empty), and the scores of plastic bags  and paper cuttings stored in every nook and corner, left me unsettled. The wardrobe that I had planned on sorting and cleaning, seemed to hold countless stories of my mother-in-law. It had belonged to her.  It had held her precious belongings for years.  It had been her world, her domain.
           My mother-in-law  passed away exactly four months ago, due to multiple organ failure. And, the complications arose due to the abuse her body had been through because of years of suffering from the dreaded illness - schizophrenia. The debilitating electric shocks she received in the early years  ( before meeting the psychiatrist, who was a blessing in disguise),  the number of anti depressants and drugs she had to consume to maintain her equilibrium, had all left…

Just let it go!

Humans are such blessed beings! Do we realise it? No, blessed not because of our  insightful  nature or the ability to think with our highly developed brains and sharp minds. Blessed,  because of our ability to express our feelings through words. Blessed, because of the sea of people around us, who care for us, love us, despite our differences; the relationships which warm our hearts and shower us with unconditional love.
            We have our families whom we rely on from the day we step into this world till the moment we bid it adieu. We have friends, who accept us for who we are, no judgements passed. Time and again, we come to realise,  that ultimately it is the people in our lives, who are our real treasure. Yes, money is a necessity, but  our loved ones are our real sources of strength and joy. Then, why is it, that at times, we hold on to some bitter words uttered by our dear ones in moments of passion, and carry those in our hearts for the rest of our liv…

The male idiosyncrasies.

In the rush hour  that  mornings are, when the mind (and the house) is at its chaotic best, even a tiny speck out of place has the power to drive me nuts. Blame it all on my OCD! Oh, and also on my crazy hormones. The  angel from a moment ago, can very well turn into a she-devil on spotting a single thing out of place!  Like, the wet towel lying on a freshly-made bed.
           It is an everyday scene, on countless beds, in countless homes.  I fail to understand, what  IS it about men and their wet towels?  I mean, men, and their wet towels tossed on beds. No, the men are not tossed on the beds,  their towels are... oh, you know what I mean!  So, I see that towel and something snaps  off in my chaotic mind. And, let me tell you, at such times, no amount of deep breathing and  reverse counting  helps. So, bellowing a thousand curses, the angel-turned she-devil goes charging at hubby,who is coolly preening and posing in front of the mirror!
               Is he getting…

#WIN15 - A day to remember.

Becoming a member of Blogadda would bring about a change in my life, is something that I had never imagined. It has its reasons. I was new to the world of blogging, had no idea what I would blog about and had not an inkling what prompts were! On top of that, I also had no idea that there are awards for blogging, an event which I would get to attend one day and meet my favourite bloggers! Yes, thanks to Blogadda, I did get to meet some amazing writers and read their blogs and learn so much from them. And, thanks to Blogadda, I also attended the most amazing awards ceremony ever!

        The awards function was, frankly, something I wasn't keen on attending, thanks to the blues. But, one phone call from a Blogadda team member made me change my mind in a jiffy! I decided to attend the event, after all, and drive those nasty blues away. Was I glad I attended the event! I finally got to meet my favourite bloggers from my blogging group, The  BAR! People I had met online, r…