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My 'best man'.

               Praise, applause, accolade...we humans thrive on it, don't we? We may aver, that we work for ourselves, irrespective of whether our work receives admiration  or no, but, at the end of the day, we do crave for at least a pat on our backs, for all that we do!   It's a  drug that gives us an instant high - this thing called adulation -  raising our morales and  encouraging us to keep moving towards our goal. Right since childhood, when we drew meaningless squiggles and proudly displayed our works of art, we waited for the look of wide-eyed wonder in our parents' eyes and an applause for our efforts.  We do that  in our adult lives, too, secretly hoping for some words of praise for anything it is that we work on.

              However, when we fail to receive any recognition for our efforts, be it at home or at work, our  morale does go for a dip. Well, frankly, mine does! And, being a home maker, all the more so, as homemakers aren't really held in such a high esteem. For all that we do for our in-laws, for our kids and husbands, we women do feel the craving for an occasional word of praise from our better-halves, don't we, girls? And,  when even subtle hints don't get the desired outcome (from our hubbies) we do yearn to receive some  from, who else, but our parents!

        I do! Yes, my father used to praise every activity I participated in, whether at home or in school/college. He does it now, too. "How well  she takes care of her family/how well she writes/sketches/etc!"  He would praise me to the moon, leaving me blushing and a tad embarrassed! But, unfortunately, such moments are few and far between. I am now in 'my' home, away from dad-mum., at times, when I feel the need for some morale boosting and  seek it from the hubby, and when I don't see it coming, I miss my dad! I do feel the urge to pick up the phone and call him up and plead with him to shower me with some praise, but I know, if I were to do that, I would develop a lump in my throat, and dad, being dad, would come rushing over!

        That's how dads are, aren't they? The best men we daughters will ever find in our entire lives! Okay, our hubbies are good, too, but can they measure up to our dads? ! What say, girls?  :-)

        Umm...that's all for this post, now.  I so need that chat with my dad! Right now!


  1. This was like we shared the same homes! pre-marriage and post! My dad has always been my biggest fan, bless his heart. Sigh... i think once we get old and grey haired and hobble around...maaayyyybe our hubbies will wave our flags? lol.. but aside all that... God sees our work and efforts so we keep pushing forward.. ( alright, enough encouragement...I could SO do with a girls evening out!)

    1. SO good to know a little bit about you, Quiet Girl!
      Yeah, bless our dads! What would we do without them? :-)
      And, yes, what would we do without our girlfriends, too?! :-)

  2. So true! And I still haven't figured out why my husband and everyone around me isn't constantly applauding at all that I accomplish in an average day with our children? They either A) assume it's not that hard, in which case I want to punch them in the face or B) think we are super women and it's just not that hard for US, in which case I still want to punch them in the face :) Luckily for all parties involved I refrain!

    1. You are right, they do assume it's not that hard , and then when a tiny thing goes wrong, they waste not one second in blaming us for our carelessness and inefficiency! Phew!! At times, I think, the punch you mentioned is THE answer to everything! But, then again, it is better to refrain!
      Thank you for visiting! :-)

  3. Everyone eats up praise, about as much as everyone assumes stay at home moms who blog do nothing...sigh.

  4. I have resorted to agreeing with everything a non stay at home mom has to say about stay at home mom and then I rub it in by saying, too bad you don't to rejoice it

  5. My father was not good at expressing his love for me in any way, you are fortunate to have had a father who could do that, and he is lucky to be able to do that. I think my father would have been a happier person if he had been willing to express his feelings better.

    1. I do feel sorry for you, Nancy. True, people would be happier if they did express their feelings to people who mattered.

  6. My dad was my biggest cheerleader, but was he the best man ever in my life? There was a time I thought so, but I have come to realize just how human and flawed he really was, have accepted that, and my life is so much more peaceful. You are lucky to have that person in your life who will bring you up when you need it most.

    1. Yes, Ellen, I am lucky and am grateful for it, too!

  7. I could sure relate to your post, Shilpa. Everyone loves praise and acknowledgement. My dad is one of my biggest fans. That's great you have such a wonderful relationship with your dad. My dad is the greatest. I get sad to think of he and my mom aging and that one day they won't be there anymore. In the meantime, I try to appreciate them and the time we have.

    Also I need to show myself self love and try not to rely on external praise to feel good about myself as I can't count on it. I have to work on self love and do things that bring me joy like being creative in some way each day. That's how I do it anyhow. I still have my dark days where my self worth and esteem is low but expecting others to boost me up isn't the best solution, especially from the hubs who is often tired and stressed with his own issues. Happiness has to come from within as they always say.

    1. You are so right about self love, Cat. I, too, need to do that, because, as you say, our parents are not going to be with us always to support us, encourage us. We really need to learn to do that for ourselves. And, that is where we will find true happiness. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings, Cat! <3

  8. My dad died in 2004. I really miss him. We were really kind of close the last years of his life and for that I will always be forever grateful I had that time with him. During the last two months of his life, we resolved a lot of our issues and finally understood and really appreciated each other. I finally realized that my sister had been wrong all along. My dad did love me.


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