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Can we let go, please?

                 Our   relationships  give meaning to our lives. They add zest to what would have otherwise  been a bland menu! There are some  that we nurture along the way; relationships that give us strength and support in our time of need. There are others, that may not go that deep, but they add colour to many a  gloomy day, leaving us to wonder what we would do without them! However, there are some, that neither act as an anchor nor spread any joy in our lives, and yet we  put them up on a pedestal, to be worshipped and cherished.
             The fruitlessness of having such relationships does weave its way into our minds, showing us reasons that  we are better off without them, yet, we turn a deaf ear to our conscience and keep going. The amount of time and energy we waste caring about these relationships is enormous. Our head senses how we make no difference to these people, yet our heart fails to react, beating wildly for them day in day out. We waste copious amounts of our thoughts on them, when in fact, we could use that precious time for the betterment of our own life. Our heart beats for them, wasting its valuable energy for someone who least deserves it. Realising our stupidity, we do try and divert our attention to more deserving people, but for a few moments, after which we are back to square one!
           Why does this happen? Why does our heart find it so difficult to know the difference between good and bad, caring and indifferent, love and disregard? Why do we find it so tough to let go of such people, bury such relationships for good and move on with our life? Why do we disrespect ourselves so much so as to give importance to someone to whom we may not even matter?
         Can we be a little more strong to be able to break away and move on?
          Can we show ourselves some respect and sever the ties that fetter our hearts and souls, leaving us handicapped for life?
           Can we just let go of those who control our minds and our souls, leaving us gasping for air?
           Why can't we just lose them, and move on?

            I am sure we can. All it needs is a little bit of patience and a whole lot of bravado!


  1. So many of us get caught in those kind of one-sided relationships with people who could care less. I've been there. Not so much anymore. I've done the doormat scene. I have a few close friends and don't need more. My main struggles are with relatives whom I have to see even when I don't care to and sometimes they get me all worked up and feeling inadequate about myself. A constant struggle to work on feeling good about myself when I'm with that person. Why do I let them have so much space inside my head? I need to let go and have some of that bravado you were talking about.

    1. I need to do it too, Cat! Just let go!

  2. Decluttering from obnoxious relationships make sense. There is no point in carrying ties that bears the burden of being unhealthy. I was stuck for a long time and know some relatives cum friends who are like that. We need to space out, as you rightly expressed, Shilpa:)

    1. You are will definitely help us!

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