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Our Darling Husbands.

Husbands - the less commented on this species,  the better!  Oh! Don't get me wrong.  They aren't that bad! At least not today; it being 'Padwa', the day of the husband and wife. On this day (which falls during Diwali), the wife thanks her Man for being such a blessing in her life. In turn, the happy husband showers his grateful wife with gifts galore! And, I have yet to receive my gift, so, no, husbands aren't that bad! In fact, what would we ever  do without them?
     It is just during those rare moments (that occur almost everyday), that they say/do some such thing that invites our ire. Like yesterday, when I had been outdoors for a mere hour, and the husband was home, alone, twiddling his thumbs in sheer desperation! Well, time had to be passed, so he decided to do something useful with himself. No sooner did I enter the house than he announced with a beaming face that he had cleaned and scrubbed a couple of wash basins! This, after I had finished scrubbing the house already!
   Whoa! What a proclamation,  for something done once in a blue moon! Why do these men blow their own trumpets  when they so much as move a pin, but find it hard to give credit for all the donkey's work ( read, gadha majooori )that we  women do, day in day out?
    Every time I spend hours scrubbing and cleaning the house to a sparkle, all I hear is, " Isn't our house very clean always?" As if the house sprouted a pair of hands to wash and clean itself every now and then! No,"Honey, how well you have  maintained our home!", or,"Sweetie, you are a fabulous homemaker! " Ever.
     They do find themselves awesome after they do something useful around  the house, don't they? Oh! These funny beings. Does funny sound better, or should I use,'childlike'? Because that is how men are - little boys at heart! Boys craving for a few  pats on their backs for every little thing they may do.
    Well, I am sure we don't find the countless miniscule things they do praiseworthy. But, marrying super women like us is surely the bestest thing they will have ever done!  Right?


  1. Love it, Shilpa! I have a little boy here, too. I always refer to them as "My three boys" and the big one gives me the most trouble. He is always like that about the cleaning. If something is amiss, he comments, but if I scrub away doing all kinds of stuff, no notice whatsoever. And if I mess up like I did the other night when I burned the dinner, I must be getting dementia he proclaims. He then proceeds to do some cleaning since obviously I'm not able to cope with it. And of course he has to go on about all he's done and he waits for that pat on the back. Sigh. No wonder I find housecleaning such a thankless and unsatisfying thing to do. I'd much rather write, do my photography and hang out on the computer!

    1. You said it, Cat! I think it is the same story in every household. We work- it won't get noticed. We make one tiny mistake- it becomes a crime! And when they do something worthwhile, it has the potential of becoming National News! 😀😀

  2. They say, you husband will always be your biggest and oldest child that requires the most adult supervision. And I so agree with this. Like children they need appreciation for every thing they do howsoever minuscule and ridiculous it may be. And can they ever appreciate the hard work that goes in maintaining a neat, clean and functional home? Nah, never. Mine, can never know the difference!! Sigh!!

    1. We all are sailing in the same boat, right Shilpa? :-)

  3. hahaha... did you atleast get him to say those magical words today on padwa? :D
    Yes, I guess we do take things like this for granted at times...

    1. Doc, you must be the first man in the history of mankind to admit it...publicly! May your tribe increase! :-)

  4. They expect admiration and accolades for simple tasks they do at home, while we do the housework, day in and day out, silently and efficiently :)Though, to be fair I am the slob in the house and he is the hard worker :)


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