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It was a journey we began, hand in hand; my hand safe in yours. I knew you would lead me through all the rough paths, I trusted the strength in your shoulders that I could lean on. And, oh, what a journey it was! Full of ups and downs. More ups than downs. But, we were together. Every turn brought along with it a new challenge; every step a new hurdle. And, we faced it with every ounce of strength we knew we could muster. We were a team, after all - you and I.
             But, today, after having come a long way, having braved each storm, endured every difficulty life threw at us, we find ourselves struggling to walk together!  Why do I feel my hand slipping out of yours? Why don't I find that warmth, which I did when we started off? Why do your feet walk away from mine?  Is it our love that has gone weak with time, or is it life, that intends something we never imagined?

            Today, I look into the distance, I see two separate entities: YOU and I.  Why can…

The wait.

Time flies. The day passes by in the blink of an eye; it's time for the sun to bid adieu.
                    The old soul stirs from his sleep. He looks around and senses the change in the air. Rising from his bed with great effort, he limps towards the door. "Isn't it time for him to be home?" his eyes enquire.  He looks longingly at the door, his ears twitching at every single sound that emanates from the other side.
                The elevator doors sliding open, the  shuffling of  footsteps and the voices of people exiting - each sound that he catches, he assesses,  with his keen hearing and an alert mind. His heart feels let down when those footsteps don't approach his door.  Losing all hope, he goes back to curl up in his warm bed. And, again, he awaits.
             And, then, all of a sudden, his intuition kicks in. He senses something and sniffs the air; his heartbeat begins playing a drumbeat. He rises again from his sleeping place…

Little angels.

Very often, we hear about incidents of cruelty towards animals, esp. stray dogs. I, being a dog-lover, find it extremely disturbing when I read about the plight of these mute creatures, who get stoned, attacked with knives and even poisoned by some heartless  humans of our society. On the other hand,  I also hear about the kind-hearted samaritans, who care for these furry babies who fall victim to human torture. My heart sends a prayer for these caring souls, who believe that this world is not just for us humans, but for every living being created by God. Therefore, I was immensely happy to meet two such gentle souls from my family, who, with their kindness towards our four-legged friends, strengthened my belief in the goodness that exists in our world.
              A week ago, I hosted my two young nieces on Christmas Eve. As we met after a long time, the girls, who have grown into teenagers, had a lot to share with me. Anecdotes about their college life, differences of…

The lessons I learnt.

The year-end sees many of us turning into  philosophers, reflecting on the days gone by and realising that the stumbling blocks that paved our way were the lessons that life was trying to teach us! As the curtain goes down on the receding year, we look back at the highs and lows we experienced.  Saner and a lot more cautious, we decide to welcome the new year with a wiser brain sitting firmly on our stronger shoulders.
            I, too, played the philosopher, and, much to my astonishment, realised that the  mistakes I made greatly outnumbered those that I considered my successes. Mistakes that have taught me some very important lessons. So, here I am.  “I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.

          We humans place  great importance on material wealth. Agreed, that money is necessary for our livelihood. However, it is the heart beats in our lives that sound lovelier and a lot more soothing than the jingle of the coins in our pockets. 'Heart beats&#…