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Little angels.

             Very often, we hear about incidents of cruelty towards animals, esp. stray dogs. I, being a dog-lover, find it extremely disturbing when I read about the plight of these mute creatures, who get stoned, attacked with knives and even poisoned by some heartless  humans of our society. On the other hand,  I also hear about the kind-hearted samaritans, who care for these furry babies who fall victim to human torture. My heart sends a prayer for these caring souls, who believe that this world is not just for us humans, but for every living being created by God. Therefore, I was immensely happy to meet two such gentle souls from my family, who, with their kindness towards our four-legged friends, strengthened my belief in the goodness that exists in our world.
              A week ago, I hosted my two young nieces on Christmas Eve. As we met after a long time, the girls, who have grown into teenagers, had a lot to share with me. Anecdotes about their college life, differences of opinions with their mum - my cousin sis. But, most of all, they had interesting stories to tell about their pet-sister, Tuffy. They did confess that they had actually come to meet Chikoo, my pet son and their pet-cousin! And, they were so looking forward to swapping stories about Tuffy, whom they picked up from the street.
              Tuffy belonged to a litter of pups born to a bitch on their street. They would have loved to bring home all the babies, but they had to be practical. So, they picked Tuffy, the black beauty. I know many a kind souls who adopt stray pups and give them a loving and caring family. However, my girls went a step further. The rest of the pups, whom they couldn't bring home, were taken to the vet, duly vaccinated and put up for adoption! The stray pups in their locality are fed daily by the residents and taken regularly to adoption camps. Every pup in the area is in the pink of its health and looking forward  to finding permanent loving homes! 
             Now, these are just a couple of teenaged girls, but the kind of maturity and sense of responsibility they displayed surpasses the levels of these virtues in many an adult of our society. A generation infamous for being self-centred, selfish, materialistic and lacking sensitivity also has as its members some very gentle, empathetic and compassionate souls who are considerate towards the less-fortunate ones! Isn't that heartwarming enough for us adults, who often wonder what sort of devils we have brought into this world?!
          Such sensitivity amongst youngsters who, in their own little ways are trying to clean up  years of dust and grime that has settled over our society needs to be applauded and  encouraged.  Saving stray pups and caring for animals may not really seem revolutionary to many among us, but it definitely makes our world a much warmer and cosier place to live in. It gives hope that all is not lost. The ability to share our world with every living being , irrespective of class, creed and race is a virtue rarely found in today's selfish times and one which will definitely go a long way in giving hope for a better tomorrow.  


  1. That is such a nice gesture. True humanity exists. We get to see glimpses of it within our children.
    Beautiful picture and dogs.
    God bless the girls.

    1. True, Inderpreet. I just wish we humans didn't lose that humanity along with age.

  2. Such an incredibly sweet thing that your nieces did, Shilpa. More people like them would make this world a better place for our pet-friends. :)

  3. Just today, I read about some 11 stray dogs and 2 cats poisoned to death. How cruel and barbaric it is! While you are not expected to bring every stray animal to your home, but at least show some compassion towards them.

    1. Yes, Shilpa. Compassion towards every living being is what needs to be taught . And, caring for animals does teach one to be empathetic and compassionate towards others.

  4. It is a heartwarming story. I feel happy reading such tales where the younger lot act out showing kindness and compassion. I love dogs too and had one pet dog in my childhood whom me and my brother picked up from a litter of stray pups from the street. He lived with us for 4 years and throughout this time we never saw him as a pup/dog but as our younger brother. And he too competed with us like a sibling, never the one to get back the stick thrown away for him to fetch.

    1. :) Loved reading about your little brother, Anamika! They definitely are loaded with love...these furry friends!

  5. it's at this young age do kids learn to be sensitive and empathic. So happy to read about them :) Beautiful post Shilpa :)

  6. What a lovely heartwarming tale! :) Kudos to your neices, more power to such youngsters!


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