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Holi hai!

                "Holi hai, bhai, holi hai...bura na mano holi hai!"

                The 'war cry' of this festival of colours echoes in my mind today as I write this post. It's  been ages since I last celebrated the day; must be 3 decades, or so. But, the holi that I played all those years ago - the one during my childhood -  was the best. The unbridled enthusiasm, our uninhibited kiddy conduct, and  the carefree I miss it all today! 

              We kids would nag mom to get all the holi supplies in advance: the gulaal, the cheap, plastic pichkaris and the brightest of colours, oh, and also the old clothes we would wear on D day! Although,  when we were little school kids, clothes never mattered. I remember, one year, when I was around 8 years of age, I was out the entire day, all wet and coloured, roaming the streets of my area dressed in my chemise! God! I cringe on remembering that day! But, that's the fun of childhood, isn't it? Innocent and carefree!

           We friends would begin the day by dousing coloured water on each other and  liberally applying the  colours to each other's faces till we were unrecognisable. Once we were done with each other, we would  begin knocking on the doors of girls who hid in their homes. We would take turns calling them out for some or other reason, and  once they fell into our traps, we would empty  buckets of water on them and scream in delight! They, too, enjoyed it all; the initial drama adding to the fun! An abundance of H2O was a blessing during my childhood. Alas, not so today! 

            Our mothers would get hoarse from calling out to us, but, we made a royal entry into our homes only after noon. The look of mock anger that mum gave added to our happiness. And, so did the yummy 'puran polis' lovingly prepared by her. The lip-smacking flat Indian bread, stuffed with jaggery would leave us all intoxicated, begging her for more! And, the best part was dad's accompanying 'poetry': "Holi re holi, purnachi poli/ mastaranchya potaat bandukichi goli!"  It hardly made any sense that the 'master' had a bullet in his tummy, but 'goli' rhymed so well with 'poli' and dad sounded so adorable mouthing these lines in a sing-song fashion, it sent us kids into a bout of giggles!

         I so miss all that fun today; I wish I could turn the clock around and go back to my childhood just for a day, and return to the present doused in my favourite colours!  Maybe, I will indulge in some colour-play this year and relive those happy memories.  I think I WIll! 

         I am pledging to  #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories  atBlogAdda  in association with Parachute Advanced. 


  1. Those were sweet memories. I spent much of my life hiding away on Holi until I finally discovered the thrill of it all. Now I thing there's no festival quite like it. And I have to make sure I have two or three sets of clothes set aside for the kids - the moment they are drenched they come back to change and then head out again. Such enthu!

    1. :) It must be such fun with the kids, Tulika! I can imagine, little coloured feet leaving their marks all over, and the sound of their giggles must sound like music! Hope you all have a grand holi this year, too! <3

  2. Awww..such lovely memories, Shilpa. I had the biggest grin on my face, the whole time I read the post. Such fun those days were!

    1. :) Yes, Shantala, those were the good ol' days! I am glad you enjoyed reading this post1 <3

  3. Replies
    1. :) Yes, Vasantha...sweet memories!

  4. I too have similar memories from my childhood. I loved that mom made food abundance and everything was so festive. Bangalore hardly celebrates the festival and most of the Holis I have worked to come back home as if there was nothing special. However, over last 5 years, I started making Gujhiyas at home to live the festival in some little way :)

    1. :), Parul, I think with times, there have been changes in the way we celebrate our festivals. It also differs from region to region. I am glad I stay in Mumbai; I get to participate in almost all the major festivals we have.. And, it is good that you have started preparing sweets to experience the festive mood!


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