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Don't click. Just 'save' to memory.

                It's early morning and as I step into my balcony, I get a warm welcome by my beloved sparrows. Their chirping makes for the sweetest music I have ever heard. Lucky me, I get to enjoy it every day! As I wish my plants a very good morning, I look up to see the most amazing sight ever: the sun in its magical pink and orange garb rising in the east! I stand spellbound as I look at the fire ball which will be at its harshest and hottest in a matter of a few hours. I almost turn to head indoors to grab my phone and click a picture, but I stop myself. 
            For a change, I decide I will simply 'save' it to memory, so that I can revisit the moment sometime in the future when the lovely pink sun becomes an unbearable hot ball of fire.  'Memory' as in, my personal memory bank I have 'up there', nestled smugly within my brain. It at once feels good to have something that will stay with me...just me. Something ,which does not stand to face the risk of getting deleted or wiped off by accident or technical error. 
          There was a time when I wasn't bitten by the technological bug. A time when I clicked fewer pictures, but stored a lot many to my memory - a place I could visit anytime I felt low or just had a desire to refresh myself after a hassle-filled day. I did not have to bother what people thought about those pictures because I didn't share those with any and everybody. Least of all with people I rarely spoke with! Those pictures were my treasured moments which mattered to me a lot more than the number of Likes my pictures receive today on the social media. 
         Ah, the social media - an entity which has enslaved us and commands respect from us - its makers! Pitiful times we have brought upon ourselves, haven't we? Today, we just have to share our every waking (and at times, sleeping) moment on  social media; share it with people who hardly matter, but who happen  to be our 'friends'! And, the number of likes we receive for our pictures lift us out of the deep abyss we live our entire lives in.  Ironically, the moments we share are those which haven't been enjoyed or basked in when they took place, leaving us bereft of the charm, the warmth, the joy they were filled with!
         We meet our old friends and post the pictures  on Facebook. Do we remember what we chatted with them? Have we gathered memories which we will cherish and think about 10 years from now?We visit places, enjoy a nature trip, meet people and all we think about doing is finding the perfect angle to capture it so that we get the maximum number of Likes
         I remember, around 20 years ago, I had been on a long trip during my summer vacations along with my parents and younger brother. We did not click a single picture because we did not own a camera back then, But, I remember every moment I enjoyed on that trip, to this day! Even the things we talked about, the people we met and the things we bought from the local market have stayed with me. None of my friends know about that trip, nor would they care. But, I enjoyed it to its fullest and vividly remember those magical moments I spent with my family! And, for me, that is all that matters. That is all that gives me that warm feeling my heart aches for. 
        And, that's what I want to remember, about every moment I spend doing whatever I may be doing.  Be it playing with my pet dog, looking at the stars shimmering in the night sky, staring in awe at nature in its finest moments, or giggling uncontrollably with my gal pals, I simply want to create memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Memories that I will store in my personal file and share just with myself. Memories that will not make it to glossy pictures edited on my phone on some app and receive a 1000 likes, but memories that will have the pictures and conversations stored and ready to give me a 1000 smiles each time I revive them! 


  1. The days without social media were fun, weren't they? Our only sources of entertainment were meeting people, and watching TV/playing video games when our parents allowed us. It feels refreshing to take a break from media even today and enjoying time face to face with others. Unfortunately, when I keep my phone aside and look at people in a restaurant, they look at me so suspiciously that I'm afraid that they will call the cops ;)

    1. Yes, Vishal. I so miss those carefree days ' of yore' (!) when life wasn't all about impressing the world with our personal photographs and waiting for their likes! Today, when I, too, put my phone away, I see every other head buried deep into the phone, ignoring the person sitting next to them. Pathetic times, aren't these?

  2. I do this and am training my grand kids to interact in person - to share stories and memories. So sad that we, as a generation, have stopped talking with one another - face to face.

    1. True, Carol. Conversation, communication , sharing of stories verbally rather than on social media are the only things that are going to bring people closer and make them saner.

  3. So true. Sometimes we need to just savor the moment and live it fully; these precious memories are worth much more than the likes and retweets we get on social media. Lovely post, Shilpa. <3

  4. What you said about making sure to get just the right angle to share a photo on social media is likely a common thing nowadays. Better to enjoy the moment! :) That said, I like taking pictures of places and events, largely because they're a joy to revisit and reminisce about, years later. Yes, some get shared to social media, but I don't take the photos with that in mind, nor am I as "plugged in" as most people. I don't even have a smart phone. :)

    1. Debbie, that may be because you don't belong to the present generation of young show-offs! That is really the reason why you enjoy taking pictures for yourself, to revisit sometime in the future and to enjoy those times again. I have seen youngsters today who are desperate to share any and everything they do with the world through social media and that is what puts me off; maybe that is what i too have gotten used to. But, as I said, I am going to mend my ways and click pictures for myself , for my happiness! :) <3

  5. The moments and memories that are kept safe within our hearts and minds are most precious and meaningful. Rest all is all important but can still stand the gaze of others. But what isn't shared with all those others in our lives is perhaps what matters the most. I use social media mostly as a learning tool, plus a way to stay connected with those whom I will otherwise not have much contact with. I don't have to put my entire life up there to get the best of it.

    1. True, Beloo! I really like the way you put across your views! :)


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