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Mom, I promise...

            My dear Mom,

                       Here's a Mother's Day letter, as opposed to a Mother's Day outing like last year. Wasn't it fun?! I still remember our long chat at Marine Drive. Ah!The cool sea-breeze, the roasted peanuts and  the incessant bickering of the mother-in-law, daughter-in-law duo that drove me insane!  Ugh! Nevertheless, it was fun, only because you were with me. Else, I would have left the spot in a few minutes.

                 But, that's how life has been, mom. Pleasant and fun only because of you. It's been a cakewalk, actually.  Your constant support, your amazing ability to look for the good in the worst of the circumstances and your never-say-die attitude has pulled me out of many an obstacle. Just pray that I, too, learn to take decisions - think on my feet - as you do, even when things are at such a juncture - it's literally a matter of life and death! Like last year, when you-know-who went through you-know-what. See? As promised I am not even mentioning the unpleasant memories of the past. You and your constant coaxing to smile in the face of adversity has kept me going, else I wouldn't have made it. And, you know that! I always wonder why I didn't take after you! I would have been a better, much stronger person. I didn't take after dad, either! Really, whose daughter am I?! Hehehe!

            Anyway, mom, time is precious right now. Junior has to be taken for his summer camp and your SIL needs his suitcase packed for his weeklong tour, so I am going to cut the frills (read, not going to rant about life and her eccentricities, or indulge in any  melodrama )  and get to the point. And, forgive me, mom, for, as always,  I have sinned(procrastinated)!

           So, here goes...

          As I promised you last year, I have been counting my blessings  - each day, everyday. Yes, things do get difficult at times ( and that would be an understatement!), but, I keep smiling. I have been maintaining a Gratitude Journal and jotting down all the good things that happen on a daily basis. Miniscule though they may be, these goodies are the  silver lining that brighten up my day. You were so right about it! You are always right about everything! Wonder when Junior will say the same thing about moi!

            I also  keep my cool - in the worst of situations. I may sound like a politician, but, since the last year, cucumber has been my symbol! I stay cool and composed in almost every scenario - personal as well as professional. It's getting to be a good habit, you know!

            And, lastly, I am really staying happy - as happy as I can be. I know life is bad - it can get ugly, too. But, being happy definitely makes me a positive person,  and things become easier to bear.  It does take away a whole lot of my stamina, mom - this illness. But, as you said, God may have a reason behind putting me through this. So, times when I am alone, I try and find that reason. Haven't found any, yet. But, I make it a point to not dwell in that state for long, or get  mired in self-pity. I jump out of that zone quick and fast and am back to my cheerful self again.

         And, mom, it's a promise I make, that this is how I will lead my life - happily - come what may. I so hope to make you proud of your daughter, proud of the way she handled the downs and came out a winner, in spite of everything. It's also a promise I make for the sake of Junior. For, one day, he too will turn around and say, "Mom, YOU are the best!" (Er, does that sound shallow?)

         So, that's all for now, mom. Thank God for e-mails, my handwriting would have turned out horrid, the way my thoughts have been jostling  for my attention!

         Have a lovely day, mom! And, please, click a selfie in the saree I have sent for you. You will look beautiful, as you always do!

        Love you to the moon and back!


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  1. A heart felt letter from a daughter expressing emotions to her mother.

  2. How I would cherish this if I was your mom -- it was beautiful. My mom died when I was a young girl but her influence and love will live forever within me. Thank you

    1. Hugs Carol. I am so sorry to hear that. How lovely that you remember her with love! ♥

    2. It's so sweet of you to say that, Carol! But, so sad to hear you lost your mom when you were so young! How much you must miss her, dear! Hugs to you! <3

  3. Hugs, Shilpa! You are blessed. What a lovely letter! Happy Mother's Day to you!

    1. Thank you, Vidya! Yes, I am blessed...we all are blessed to have such wonderful mothers!

  4. Such a sweet letter to your mom. Happy Mother's day


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