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The league of the lost.


  I often have dreams where I lose things.  I could actually call those nightmares, because I see myself getting frantic trying to find those lost articles.  Rarely do I see what exactly it is that I have lost, for my eyesight fails me, and rarely do I ever find those things. I wake up distraught for having dreamt something so unpleasant and keep pouring over every detail of the dream I can remember in a bid to comprehend its meaning. I guess this is what happens when we  attach  too many emotions to things and people, because  when we realise they aren't with us anymore, we hit rock bottom. I use 'we' here on behalf of all the sentimental fools who keep me company and who go through such distress on losing stuff in life.
            I have lost quite a many things till date, in spite of being very particular about safe-guarding them with my life, and it is missing those things that gives me such bad dreams. 'Things' here, though grammatically  incorrect, mean people. People, who were an integral part of my life, who walked some distance with me on this journey, making for a wonderful company, but alas, are with me no more. Things - like the material things - well,  I seldom lose those, as I am obsessive compulsive about keeping things in their rightful places, come what may!
          Those who are no more alongside me were so precious to me, they may not even know! People, who walked away, parted ways for reasons unknown to me or to them; who were snatched away by time and by life, people,  whom I miss so very much. I always wonder why is it that we lose our people - to life. Agreed, that nothing stays as it is for long, that change is the only constant in this world. People come and go, some of them stay, others leave and new ones join us on the way. But, why do they have to leave? It's a question I find hard to answer; a fact I find difficult to accept and live with.
         I may have lost things along the way which I do not miss today, but, people - now those I miss tremendously. So, what do I do? I hold on to the ones that are left. Hold on to them as I would hold on to dear life should I end up in some terrible life or death situation. Sounds miserable, but isn't it a fact that it's people who increase the happiness quotient of our lives? Isn't it people who by their sheer presence make our lives liveable, our burdens bearable?
        There are friends of mine out there, the people  I spoke about, who might (hopefully) read this post. I would have them know that they are being missed - missed terribly! Not a day goes by when I don't wonder about their whereabouts. Not a day goes by when I don't pray for their return. But,  accept it I must that not all prayers get answered; accept it I must that life goes on, and I have to move on. And, move on I will, but with a prayer sent out for all those who were once mine, a prayer for their well-being and happiness. May they spread happiness and cheer wherever they go; may they enrich the lives of whoever they travel with on this short journey of ours, called  'life'.

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  1. Ahh, a sentimental and lovely piece my dear! Yes, I get very uncomfortably attached to so many materialistic possessions, it is unbelievable! I have now matured a bit, I can say because invariably I have found these lost ones turn up when you are trying the least to find them, so I have stopped my full-wardrobe raids and ransacks in an attempt to find the lost ones! On a serious note, one never really gets over losing loved ones, the ache just dulls with time!

    1. True, Kala, the ache just dulls with time!

  2. You're right. There are people in our lives who we cannot forget, ever. Unfortunately life is about losing friends and finding new ones. And happiness ultimately lies within us. That said, I hope you are always surrounded by people you love and who love and cherish you in return.

    1. Thank you, Tulika! That is such a lovely thought!

  3. I face something similar. There are people who come in life and we become close until one day, out of the blue everything gets over and the other person drifts so apart that I know nothing about them. Those ones makes me really sad and I wonder what would have gone wrong.
    There is one thing that I keep telling people and myself - Life is like a set of rooms where every room has a set of people. These people include everyone we know..Our journey of life is passing from one room to the other. We meet our parents in the first room and then parents come with us to the second. Then there are friends and other folks who may or may not come with us to the next.In every room we also meet new people. Those who choose not to come wit us, we need to let them go cos they are on their own journey of walking through their rooms.

    Great post and see how much I could relate.

    1. Wow! I like this analogy of yours, Parul. I realise that not all the people we meet are going to be with us on our journey, for they have their own journey to cover, but, the heart seldom thinks logically, isn't it? However, I keep telling myself nowadays that not everything is constant, so learn to let go..let's see when I will be able to implement on my own teachings! :)

  4. Yes, l know exactly what you are talking about. The losses of some of them are so unbearable. Some by circumstances and other due to time.

  5. Sometimes some losses are too hard to get over with. But we decide whether to moan over it or move on. I always think by the quote, 'Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened.' :)

    1. You are so right, Darshana! We need to decide whether to moan over it, or be grateful that it is over and then move on. There's a lot we can learn from things that happen, people we meet..
      Thank you for the visit, Darshana! :)


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