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The odd pair.

                  Our mind - it's a bit of an oddity, isn't it? Just when you want it to spin its magic, it decides to clam up! No amount of cajoling or flattery succeeds in shaking it out of its unresponsiveness. It's like you are talking to the walls; there is hardly any reaction! Or, like when you want your kiddo  to recite his nursery rhymes and entertain the guests - well, show off his reciting skills, actually - and he simply stands there, all shy and quiet; and all your coaxing seems to lack any power to elicit any reaction from the child!
             That is exactly how I have been feeling since the past week. My mind refuses to come up with a single idea for a blogpost.  "Have you decided to go on a strike?" I asked it. It replied it was away on a sabbatical, taking  along with it all the ideas that floated around in it all the time. Can you believe it? So, now when I sit with my laptop in front of me, my eyes stare at the screen and, in a few moments, glaze over.
           I strive to pull out some idea, like a magician pulling out a rabbit out of his hat, but alas, I fail to  find any!Thank goodness I am not a magician! I would have made a flop show! My Facebook page - Shilpa, the blogger - announces that around 194 people who have 'Liked' my page haven't heard from me in quite some time. So, what do I do? Do I announce in return that my mind is on a sabbatical and that they could wait for some more time, or, go visit other blogs? Or, do I tap away at the keyboard like a woman obsessed and churn out some inane stuff in a desperate bid to hold on to my audience?
          Ah! Whoever said that writing was an easy job hadn't been through a writer's block.  Surprisingly, I don't even see things happening around that I would like to write about and rant about! It's the same old world, with its same old people and their dull and dreary lives. I haven't even heard from my muse in a long time. Shucks! I feel like a lost cause! One week and no blog post. What if I lose my fans to other more productive blogs?
   "Ahem, 'fans' ? Aren't we being rather boastful now?", my conscience makes a snide remark.
    Ah, damn this conscience!
       Okay, let me see. How about I write something about my pet dog? I turn to look at him for inspiration. He turns his back towards me, mumbles something and goes to sleep. I can see a "Do not talk trash about me, a la AIB roast-thingy" sign put up by him.  Gosh! That brute has the nerve to say that to me?! And, it was I who made him famous! Now I can't even depend on him for any ideas!
       First my mind and then my pet dog have forsaken me! What if my muse does the same and leaves me all high and dry? What am I going to do then? How am I going to write a word? But, hey, haven't I already written all these words here? To begin with, I didn't have the slightest idea what I would write about, except jabber  about my lazy mind. And, look at me now - there is an entire blog post that I conjured up from all that jabbering!
     "Hello! Madam, it isn't you who has written the post, it's moi- your  lazy mind -out-on-a-sabbatical, who  helped you with those words, while you did nothing but type away like a mad woman the ideas that I was supplying you with! Hmph!" the mind nudges me out of my bragging mode. Boy! It actually works even when on a sabbatical! Oh, thank God, what would I ever do without it?

        Our mind and our conscience - quite a pair of oddities, aren't they? But, if it hadn't been for these two, who would have kept us grounded!?



  1. A free write works, isn't it? I like to do my picture posts and that keep my mind active and hunt for ideas all the time. Something that works this side :)

  2. Lol! Your lazy mind did a decent enough job. I do hope it has pulled you out of the block. It can be terribly annoying. Some days your head is teeming with ideas but you have no time to put down a post and then some days you stare at the computer and nothing comes! Whoever said writing was easy??? Oh and that FB message 'so many people haven't heard from you for a while' - that makes me all guilty too.


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