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Cherishing moments, making memories.

It was 10 at night. Hubby and I were driving down an almost deserted freeway. The radio was playing some melodious numbers from  old hindi movies. Looking out of the window, I saw  lush greenery on either side of the road offering some much needed romantic touch to the entire atmosphere.  To add to it, hubby and I were chatting comfortably, without arguing over any matter! The  entire scenario stirred an emotion  within me which I hadn't felt in a long time. How long had it been since we had enjoyed a conversation, or even the comfortable silence between us? Ages! And, that's when I had this irresistible urge to just grab that moment and never let it go!
        How often we experience such moments which we feel we could hold onto forever?  Moments we share with our family, our friends, or even with ourselves, that leave us with a feeling of euphoria. Moments, that we treasure as we would our precious jewels, cherishing them for days on end, specially, on days…

A treasure.


    There are friends, and  there are friends. The former are the ones, who peep into our lives every once in a while, share a few laughs, and some drinks, and after having a good time, go back to living their own. But, it's the latter, who stay after all the others have left. Those are the ones, who walk us home,  help us get over our hangover the day after and  clean up the mess we get ourselves into. And, they are the ones we cherish till our last breath.
       I consider myself blessed for having some truly wonderful friends in my life. Friends, who have been with me since ages. Friends, who haven't been with me since ages, but who, I believe, I was destined to meet. Friends, who accept me as I am, who do not judge me and just let me be. Friends, who help me work on my muddled self, work towards becoming who I am supposed to be. Surprisingly, they also know who I am supposed to be!

Once upon a time...

Often in our lives, we come across people, who aren't  connected to us in any way, yet, they leave an indelible mark on our psyches, making us look back with awe at the moments we shared this world with them. I vividly remember this man, who lived in the corner house on our street. Tall, well built, with a gruff voice and a stern demeanour. He had a scary look in those eyes of his, that resembled those of a tiger's. All of us kids agreed that  there was something sinister about that man, which made us keep our distance.
          We  were petrified of him, and his mere sight had us scurrying for cover!  Surprisingly, my father shared a good rapport with him. I often spotted him chatting with the man as he returned home from work. I remember how I would peep from behind the curtains, as I watched the two chit-chat, ensuring my presence was never detected. And, the moment father entered our front yard, I would rush out to lock the gate and bolt it securely, lest …

Smile, please. Thank you!

Day 7 of the 7 day blogging challenge at Write Tribe.

   I met my bff 17 years ago, at the school I taught. Her sunny disposition won over the reticent me in no time at all. We bonded instantly, and our  friendship  has stayed strong till today. Every day, at school, her cheery smile would drive away my blues and I would feel buoyant throughout the day. As we got closer, I learnt a lot about her life - her private life -  which she hid from the prying eyes of our colleagues. And, I was left pained at hearing what a lonely soul she was!  Pained and shocked. Never once did she display the turmoil that must have ravaged her, never once did she complain about how life was giving her a raw deal.

   That is one lesson I learnt from her. That, come what may, learn to smile in the face of adversity. Life will think twice before meting out tough deals. Not that her smile wiped out each and every tear that rolled out of her eyes; she smiled in spite of her tears. But, she gathered courage to …

I think I think too much!

Day 6 of the 7 day blogging challenge at Write Tribe..

    I am sure you all will agree with this one: WE THINK TOO MUCH!.
Be it about our problems, our relationships, our lives, our kids' lives, even other people's lives, we just think way too much! We overdo it, you know, this thinking business, as if we have no other business to take care of!

    This rule  has been spoken about a lot; maybe it ought to. The thinking epidemic is only spreading, and driving us crazy!

Stop thinking too much. It's alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it. 

    We use just 10% of our brain constructively. The rest of it we use to think about useless, rotten stuff. We think very poorly about ourselves, our achievements and our lives, and everything else in between. If we happen to be sailing on rough seas, then we busy our mind wondering where the hell we went wrong in taking certain decisions that landed us in such a mess. Rarely do we put our mind to g…

Let's mind our own business, shall we?

Day 5 of the 7 day blogging challenge at Write Tribe.

      We humans are an unsatisfied lot. We covet the life that we see lived by others; rarely are we contented with what we have been blessed with! Be it our physical appearance, our mental or emotional strength, our social or financial standing - we are forever comparing ourselves with the Joneses. Forever trying to keep up with them, or emulating them, but hardly satisfied with what we have.

     Oh, and how we love to judge others! We label people as if we were born perfect! Not for a moment do we empathise, or even  try to imagine the battles they fight or the struggles they must face on a daily basis. That brings us to the next cardinal rule that we HAVE to remember always, always and always.

Don't compare your life with others and don't judge them, you have no idea what their journey is all about.

Haven't we all been guilty of breaking this rule? Okay, we may be matured grown ups and all that, but don't we se…

Because, you matter!

Day 4 of the 7 day blogging challenge  at Write Tribe.

      It took me a long while to realise this  rule . Of course, better late than never, but I feel, that had I known this ultimate fact of life, I would have been a lot happier and livelier!

No one is in charge of your happiness, except you!

       Don't we always rely for our happiness on people? Don't we hand over the reins of our happiness to people, who might or might not be able to fulfil our needs always? Yes, there will be many, who will argue that relying on children or spouses for  happiness is so natural; they are the most important part of our life! True, they are. But, doesn't there come a point in life, when our people get involved in their own lives, their work, and we are left stranded at home, alone? The loneliness, the despair we then face drives us insane, doesn't it?

    And, what do we do out of this desperation? We seek people, who, we think, will fill that gaping hole that was left behind by …

The sands of time.

Day 3 of the 7 day blogging challenge at Write Tribe.

        Today's rule could actually be called a panacea for all our maladies.


       The only thing that heals not only our physical, but also our emotional wounds, like no other medicine!

                                             Time heals almost everything. Give it time.

How often have we been advised by our elders to just give things time to work out? Our problems, our stress, our sorrow - we are so bogged down by it all.  We are left reeling under tremendous pressure, worried if the phase will ever come to an end. It's times like these, when we completely forget that this too shall pass!

    Times - they keep changing.  Every night comes to end and we are blessed with  a brand new day. Every storm passes by and the skies clear, bringing the vigour and vitality of the bright sunlight to  nourish our weather-beaten souls. Every minute that passes by, takes us further away from our grief and our troubles.


Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn!

*Day 2 of the 7 day blogging challenge at Write Tribe.

Today's rule  brings to mind a line from an old hindi film song that went like this:

"Kuch toh log kahengey..
                   logon ka kaam hai kehna.."

                  People will talk, for, that is what they are born to do!

         And, that's why..

What other people think about you is none of your business!

          How often do we imagine all the horrid things people might think about us? We try out new outfits, or a brand new hairstyle, or visit a pub with friends, or just express our views on social media,  but, all through, the thought that  niggles at the back of our mind is, "What will people say? What will they think of me if I behave in such a way/opine on a matter thus?" 

          People's perceptions about us is a cause of great concern to us; our happiness rarely matters. Will we fit in with the conventional image set by the society, or will we be labelled a rebel?  These  …

Just let it go!

It has been a long time since I participated in a Blogging Challenge. So, when I learnt about the  7 day blogging challenge at Write Tribe, I jumped at the opportunity! Then, as I contemplated on the theme for the challenge,  I stumbled upon this post shared by a friend on Whatsapp:

 I was elated! I knew then that this would make for a wonderful theme.
 Each one of us is a work in progress. We do our best in fighting life's battles, living and loving the lives we have been blessed with. But, at times, we need such gentle reminders to help us change our perspectives on certain matters and live happier lives, free of the unnecessary burdens we carry around with us.

        The first rule  I write about today is:

Make peace with your past, so it won't disturb your present.

Our life is made up of moments that affect us in a hundred different ways. Some bring with them immeasurable joy and others, insurmountable sorrow.  The happy moments fill our lives with hope and po…

The journey of a writer.

It's a beautiful evening. My mood is buoyant and the writer in me is bubbling with ideas. I open my laptop eager to pour out the thoughts that have been crowding my mind. I rub my palms in excitement as the laptop comes to life. It has been quite some time since this mind has come up with any brilliant ideas, so I decide to make hay while the sun shines! My fingers go clickety-click on the keyboard as my thoughts tumble over each other, vying for attention. I can sense a tussle going on between my thoughts and my mind; the former fighting to prove their significance to the post, and the latter rejecting them with a royal flourish.  I could actually call it a war that threatens to end in bloodshed (me going insane)!
              I choose and pick the thoughts that seem logical, discard those that seem superfluous and proceed towards the completion of the post. Well, Madame Time won't sit twiddling her thumbs, waiting for the war to end! Moreover, there are e…


"Do you remember how it rained that day? It was our second date after our engagement, but, instead of bubbling with excitement, you were nervous! Were you scared of me, or were you scared about what your parents might think about you, wandering through the rain hand in hand with your fiance?  Didn't you trust me, girl? Or, didn't your parents trust me, hmm? Maybe, it was the two of us together that had them all anxious, wasn't it? Ah, what a crazy day it was!"
 Chuckling at the memories, he squeezed her hand lightly.  Stroking it  lovingly, he opened her palm and placed a kiss as light as a feather. Then, all of a sudden, he felt a lump form in his throat, an uneasiness in his heart.  Blinking away the tears that threatened to spill over, he cleared his throat  and fixed his gaze upon her face. In a moment the tears  returned with such a force, he burst out sobbing.

"Why did you have to do this, Payal? Why? Hadn't I told you to wait for a few minutes? What…