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A treasure.


        There are friends, and  there are friends. The former are the ones, who peep into our lives every once in a while, share a few laughs, and some drinks, and after having a good time, go back to living their own. But, it's the latter, who stay after all the others have left. Those are the ones, who walk us home,  help us get over our hangover the day after and  clean up the mess we get ourselves into. And, they are the ones we cherish till our last breath.
       I consider myself blessed for having some truly wonderful friends in my life. Friends, who have been with me since ages. Friends, who haven't been with me since ages, but who, I believe, I was destined to meet. Friends, who accept me as I am, who do not judge me and just let me be. Friends, who help me work on my muddled self, work towards becoming who I am supposed to be. Surprisingly, they also know who I am supposed to be!
     All I need to do, is get my depressed self at their door step and they welcome me with a hug so tight, I can physically feel all the pain drain away. They drill some much-needed sense into my head, help me see clearly the mess I happen to be getting into and what I ought to be doing in order to get out of it. And, voila,  I am all set; the fragments of my broken heart carefully glued together and my hope and faith restored!
    These are the friends I cherish, because I matter to them. And the feeling, that we matter to someone, is the most heartening feeling of all. A dear friend of mine did advice me to keep the 'entrance to my heart' wide open for those who wish to enter, as well as for those who wish to leave. It was the perfect advice for a sentimental and sensitive person like me, but it did leave me gasping; I really wished all of my friends would stay! But soon realised, that I would be better off with just a handful few  who really matter, and  to whom  matter, than have a hundred, who hardly even care.
     As time passes and as the hundred others gradually begin moving out, I realise who are the ones who will stay. The ones who know me inside out, the ones who will pick me up when I stumble and fall, the ones, who make me richer by their presence - those are the ones who I want to be with on this journey called life. For the rest, it's goodbye and good luck!
     Whom do you consider a treasure? Would love to know all about it.

This is my post for the Cherished Blogfest 2016.   Do join me today and tomorrow and have a lovely time!



  1. I also cherish my friends. I have a few with whom I share a bond of over 20 years and that means so much to me. They understand me and love me for who I am. What a lovely post, Shilpa.

  2. A heartfelt post about what real friendships are all about. Or should be. I like the 'entrance to the heart' part very much. Great advice from your friend.

  3. You know what today I spent my whole afternoon talking to college and school friends. One by one I spoke to them, remembering all those cherished moments. Indeed good friends who stay behind are the most cherishable treasure.

    1. That must have been a wonderful afternoon, Raj. Time well spent talking to your old friends... true friends.

  4. Friendships are the best, especially with those that are close. I have a few very close friends that I cherish deeply. We know each other well, can talk about nothing for hours, and feel totally open in sharing our thoughts and feelings. This is a wonderful post for the Cherished Blogfest. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your most cherished possession.

    Mary J
    CBF Cohost

    1. True, Mary. And, if we find the perfect friends who are meant for us, then we need not worry about anything at all. We know we are in safe hands and that our journey will be an enjoyable one.
      Thank you for the visit!

  5. True friends are hard to come by in this world. Quality definitely trumps quantity. Excellent entry, Shilpa! Your friend's advice is spot on.

  6. My friends are my strength and treasure. The moment I lose them, I will cease to exist. Whatta a wonderful advice from your friend. I am very grateful for having such kinda people in my life.

    1. Yes, Vishal. Friends make us feel richer than anything else ever would. I, too, can't imagine what I would do without mine!

  7. Yeah...friends are all we have! A good tribute to 3 am friends and friendships!

  8. Friends like you describe are hard to find and definitely worth hanging onto. I have a few friends like this, and I treasure them.

    Thanks you for sharing this with us during this blogfest.
    Dan - cohost - #CBF16

  9. My closest friends that are in my life daily, I now call them brother and sister because they are so dear to my heart. I understand your post clearly. Good post.

  10. Friends are truly to be cherished. There honesty, acceptance and presence are second to none.


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