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Smile, please. Thank you!

 Day 7 of the 7 day blogging challenge at Write Tribe.

   I met my bff 17 years ago, at the school I taught. Her sunny disposition won over the reticent me in no time at all. We bonded instantly, and our  friendship  has stayed strong till today. Every day, at school, her cheery smile would drive away my blues and I would feel buoyant throughout the day. As we got closer, I learnt a lot about her life - her private life -  which she hid from the prying eyes of our colleagues. And, I was left pained at hearing what a lonely soul she was!  Pained and shocked. Never once did she display the turmoil that must have ravaged her, never once did she complain about how life was giving her a raw deal.

   That is one lesson I learnt from her. That, come what may, learn to smile in the face of adversity. Life will think twice before meting out tough deals. Not that her smile wiped out each and every tear that rolled out of her eyes; she smiled in spite of her tears. But, she gathered courage to face those tough moments bravely. Since then, she has been my hero; one to whom I can turn to when I need a strong support system. I always come back feeling not just better, but also happier and  charged up.

   This brings us to the last cardinal rule, remembering which, will definitely equip us to face life bravely.

                              Smile. You don't own all the problems in the world.

   Most of our problems are imaginary. You ought to agree with that.  Thanks to our over-thinking, we create problems that never even existed, and succumb to those, giving a lot of heartache to ourselves. Seldom do we give a thought to those countless souls around us, who go through worse. The misfortunes they face could put ours to shame! And, yet, we move around with grumpy faces, sullen moods and sorrowful eyes.  As if that's going to change our circumstances.

   It's time we learnt to smile. Not those artificial smiles we give for the selfies we keep clicking, but real, genuine smiles. Smile at life, for the bountiful supply of goodness it has blessed us with. Smile at the hardships that make us stronger, braver. Smile, so that the world around us becomes a happier place. Isn't it  said, that the world reflects what it sees in you? Our smiles will only spread joy all around us, something we very much need in today's violent times.

   Let's also learn to count our blessings than keep a tab on our misfortunes. What good will it do ruminating on  all that has gone wrong with us? Life keeps changing. Our today might be difficult, but our tomorrow could be a happy day. So, why not smile in anticipation of that happy tomorrow? It might strengthen our resolve to fight our present situation.

   I have had a fulfilling week, writing for this blogging challenge. I not only worked on my writing (which  still has a long way to go before it shows some substantial improvement), but, I also gained some insight into the art of living. Of course, there will be times, when all these rules will be chucked out of the window by an impatient me, but I will force myself to stop and ponder over each one which will help restore my lost sanity.

   I am also grateful to the wonderful bloggers, who stopped by my blog, read my posts and left some really encouraging comments. I was motivated to keep writing (I was bitten by the lazy bug couple of days, you see?). It was an honour to not just read their comments, but also visit their blogs. I confess I didn't visit each and every blog that participated in the challenge, but I did visit quite a few, and came back happier! A big thank you to all those promising bloggers; you are going places, believe me!

   I hope you, my dear readers, enjoyed reading my posts. Did I come across as preachy? I hope not! Actually, these posts were written more for myself, for understanding  the areas I needed to work upon. As I said, I am a work in progress. So, I am going to follow these rules,  work on myself and come back to see how much I have learnt. There is going to be a monthly visit to these posts and a monthly evaluation of myself. I so hope I fair well!

   That's all for now. Thank you, Corinne for this opportunity to write, learn and grow. Not that there is going to be any miracle in just 7 days. But, at least, it's a beginning!

   Have a happy day, have a happy life! Stay blessed!




  1. Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing--Mother Teresa

    1. Beautiful words, and oh, so true! :)

  2. Guess we all enjoyed reading and visiting so many different blogs over the past 7 days! I've learnt quite a few things about writing as well in the process...Best wishes to you as well...Goodbye, until next time :)

    1. Thank you, Esha! And, best wishes to you, too! This challenge was fun, indeed!

  3. It was really a good time-these seven days.As you mentioned,it was the encouragement from fellow bloggers that kept us going.

    1. Yes, Subha! Alll the encouragement we needed was right here; and it drove us to do our best! :)

  4. It is indeed a beginning Shilpa! It is very well portrayed that these thoughts from your mind have a healing touch to yourself, but somewhere, somehow it touches us too and makes us reflect on our own lives. It was nice to read through them, wishing you great progress and happiness ahead. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Darshana! I am so glad you could relate to my thoughts. It was a wonderful journey - this challenge! :)

  5. One who smiles spreads so much happiness around.....I have seen some people who will keep smiling every time you meet them....I often wonder how they do it....

    1. True, Sunaina. They are the special people who are made of sterner stuff, they face life head on. These are the ones, who are forever smiling. I guess they know life is not to be taken seriously! :) Let's begin following them from now on, shall we? :)

  6. Congratulations on completing the challenge Shilpa. What you said here is so true. We're so wrapped up in our misfortunes real and imaginary that we barely spare a thought for those worse off than us. I am pretty guilty of over thinking too. I end up making a huge deal of things that seem inconsequential when put into proper perspective. But at that moment it seems like the end of my world :-(. Need to work on that.

    1. Thank you, Tulika!
      Yes, in a way, we all are guilty of over-thinking, and we all need to work on ourselves to save ourselves from any more misery! :)

  7. Nope...You weren't preachy at all and this post is filled with so much of positivity. Smiling does makes us feel good, if only we smile genuinely. I agree with the over-thinking part. It's every time us, that make the problem big... bigger than it actually is!
    Congratulations for completing the challenge! I'm participating in the Half Marathon by Blogchatter these and I'm simply crossing my fingers to survive!


    1. Thank you so much, Geetika! Yes, I managed to complete this challenge, and I hope you do, too! Wish you the best! :)
      Keep smiling!


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